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Life Fone Medical Alert Alarm

I take care of my Mother, in our home. I can understand all too well, how and why this is important.

Having a personal medical alert bracelet and/or a medical alert alarm is important, for many conditions. Mom is diabetic, a heart patient, she’s suffered strokes, as well as has TIA’s.
LifeFone Medical Alert – How it works.
Medical alert bracelet, or pendant automatically calls the Life Fone Emergency Response Center to notify your designated doctor, family and friends of an emergency. Life Fone has over 30 years of providing security and safety from falls and other risk for seniors living at home or in an assisted living facility.

Mom chooses to live at home, with my family. And there have been many instances we could have used a medical alarm just for falls. It’s only been a couple of weeks, that her sugar level dropped to an alarming low, her homemaker that helps with her showering and hygiene needs, would have felt more secure to have been able to push a button for a medical alert. A medical alert bracelet would be perfect for Mom to wear. Had I not been home, and recognized the signs and symptoms, her homemaker certainly could have notified Mom’s Dr, and myself of a medical emergency and had help on the way immediately. All the while not having to walk away from her.

LifeFone medical alarm system provides seniors with 24/7 security monitoring. Instant access to safety with their medical alert emergency response service at
Remember, Life Fone may help more than just seniors at home, living independently, it can possibly provide a bit of peace of mind for caregivers too!





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