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Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Nail System

Dazzle Dry Advanced Vegan Nail System used by Professionals. Non-yellowing formula without Nitrocellulose and the harmful ingredients of Camphor, Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Phthalate.


We were sent Dazzle Dry 3 Piece Nail System, it consists of Nail Prep 1oz, Dazzle Dry Base Coat .5oz  and Dazzle Dry Top Coat .5oz.
Prepare nails by cleaning entire nail surface with Nail Prep.
– Done easily with a small squirt type bottle in the kit, and a cotton ball. Clear liquid.
Generously apply ase Coat & allow to dry thoroughly.
– We applied generously, and it dried quickly. Much faster than we expected.
Apply 1-2 coats of Color Lacquer & 1 coat of Top Coat.
– We applied our Color Lacquer, which looked very dull as it dried. So dull I was debating how fast I would be taking this off. Once we  applied the top Coat, complete shine returned to the nail color. So much shine, that when our nails dried, we thought they were still wet. One hand was dry as I finished painting the other hand.

The box sports a money back gurantee if not completely satisfied. *when applied with dazzle dry nail lacquer. I did use the Dazzle Dry nail lacquer. Next time I’m going to use a different kind of polish to see if the results vary. I’ll be sure to update here.

Dazzle Dry 3 Piece Nail System used by professionals is now available for your use at home or to take to the salon for your exclusive personal use.

Instructions are easy to read, and easy to follow. My 11 year old daughter and I painted our nails together. We love to try beauty products together. It creates “Mom & Me” time! Her nails are finished, and she’s in bed. Under other circumstances or using other “fast dry” nail polishes, I would not have let her paint her nails this late in the evening.
Even being fast dry, the Nail Lacquer does not goop up, or get thick on the brush, as you race to finish your nails.

If you don’t want to add color using the Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Nail System, you can do that too! Simply skip applying the color/laquer, and go straight for the high gloss, top coat.

We were dazzled. If you have used this, or purchase this soon, I’d love to hear your results too! Drop me a line.

Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Nail System is from VB Cosmetics, Inc.

VB Cosmetics does not test it’s products on our animal friends! Teeny says thanks!

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