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Why did the Pig go to the Casino?…To play the slop machine!

Welcome a whole new line of shirts from Bill, and the gang over at Crazy Dog T-Shirts, and NachoMaMa Tee’s. I have read their twitterings, and their Facebook wall.

Once again, I am impressed with the quality of their tees. They ARE soft. These shirts, really are awesome. My kids love their shirts.

This is the shirt we were sent for review.

The peace sign design on the front, and the shirt color really go well hand in  hand with one another. It’s a very eye pleasing effect.

There are several choices already on their site, and it seems that there is quite a bit lined up for them to add. From their site:

Our yoga shirts are created based on our desire to share our commitment to health and wellness in a fun way. These shirts are not only for practicing Yoga, Pilates and Meditation but any wellness activity. Because they are so soft and the designs are so fun…we encourage everyone to wear our soft t-shirts anytime, anywhere. Please check back weekly as we will be adding to our Men’s shirts, women’s shirts and soon we will have kid’s shirts. We will also soon start offering long sleeve burnout t shirts and sweatshirts.

One thing I notice with these shirts, is that there is neck room. It doesn’t feel like the shirt is creeping up to finish you off. I have slaughtered many of my own shirts for that very reason. Pictured above are a few of my favorites from PurplePigShirts, and of course there is a shirt with a purple pig! You really didn’t think there wouldn’t be one did you?

If you haven’t done so yet, go read my reviews for Crazy Dog T-Shirts, and NachoMaMa Tee’s. Be sure to enter to win your choice of shirt from Crazy Dog T-Shirts.

Make it a point to follow them on Facebook, and Twitter. They are known to give away things at random!


Yup, we were sent a shirt, and we STILL like them! This review is my own opinion, and not that of the company.

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