"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

About Us

~ Joie~

Well, Rose is, making me write something about myself.  I’m called Joie or Josie by most of my family Winter Witch by my husband and it’s been since shortened to Winter.  I live in Northern Lower Michigan in the Tip of the Mitt if you will.  I live on Lake Michigan and love cold weather and winter.  I have 3 kids ages 16, 12, and 7, one husband, 2 cats, 1 blind dog, and 1 darling turtle that is the apple of my eye.

I work hard doing competent reviews and giveaways and saving money for my familyI also work to help other moms save money and find products that are just right for their household.  I make almost all foods from scratch and make my own laundry detergent.   I collect Willow Tree Angels but find “things” don’t replace people, so keep my collecting to a minimum.  I unlike Rose am very selfish and want my own way.

My pet peeves include:  mean people, people who care more about things than people, people who make fun of and are mean to others and lastly pictures that are not level.


~About Rose ~

I’m Rose, aka “RedNeck Witch”. I live in rural S.E. MO, with my husband, and our children. I also take care of my elderly Mother that lives in our home with us. We have 4 small dogs, 1 big dog, 1 fat cat, and some fish. We have had horses, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, …. you get the whole idea there.

I consider myself a light hearted, easy going person. I love to laugh, and I enjoy others laughing as well. When you’re around me, please don’t cry. I don’t like for people to cry alone.

I don’t think I’m a selfish person, I really enjoy helping others. Whether it be fund raising, bring dinner, or just talking over a cup of coffee. Unfortunately I have a temper that could possibly spook “Big Foot”.

Pet Peeves include, but certainly are not limited to:
Not shaking the deodorant can, it’s full but no pressure to spray it out.
Bad breath.
Snyde remarks.
Mean people
Hateful people
Miserable People
People that talk about other people
Ladies that claim to be ladies, and act like a caveman.

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  1. you guys should make a site like xivio. i and many others wish you luck in your suit and hope for the best, you deserve it.

    Comment by Ganlo | 28 November, 2009 | Reply

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