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Entrada Group Manufacturing in Mexico


Entrada Group provides offshore manufacturing in Mexico. Entrada Group allows you to control your manufacturing in Mexico. Processors are handle support functions for your Mexico operation. Entrada Group is a major asset to any small company that manufactures a product.

Entrada Group helps to decrease you direct and indirect labor costs and scale down your overhead, with Entrada’s manufacturing in Mexico solution. As a US based company with 20 years of experience teaming with interantional manufactures in Mexico, Entrada understands your Mexico manufacturing concerns and issues that my unsettle you about manufacturing in Mexico.

Entrada calls Zacatecas, Mexico home with a population of approximately 500,000. Located just outside the city their Mexico manufacturing location is easily accessed by air from the US and Mexico City.

Zacateca’s educational system creates a consistently outstanding labor force, with many experienced technicians and managers available from Zacatecas and the Altiplano region for our Mexico manufacturing location.

By sharing overhead, including key support and supervisory services, you’ll enjoy powerful economies of scale that add up to stron Mexico manufacturing cost adavantages with both short and long-term benefits.

As your company grows, Entrada, through continuous investment and improvement, is positioned to keep you on the cutting-edge of low-cost manufacturing in Mexico – providing you with capabilities, strength and reach that will help successfully extend your presence in the global marketplace.


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