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My Most Surprising Gift

I’m not hard to surprise, I love gifts of all kinds. Each one is a surprise to me. But if I have to choose just one, I could narrow it down to two. That’s close, right?

We had a desk with a hutch, and any time someone would bump or lean against the desk/hutch, the hutch would come crashing down on our (then) new flat panel monitor. Every time someone come through the door, we would simply cringe, we just knew it would happen whether we issued warnings or not. Come Christmas time, my husband got me a fully assembled desk, complete with a stable hutch. He hid it for a month and a half in the garage. How I never seen it, I have no idea, because I had ventured out there many times!

The second would be when my husband got me my very first sewing machine! A singer, and that puppy held up dandy. It’s still holding up, even being out of time. I was devastated when the timing went screwy. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find someone to repair a sewing machine? Jeepers.

This year, I’m attempting to hold out for a good ole’ Target visit. Being an hour and a half one way to drive, it’s a treat!

So, tell me. What is or was one of your most surprising gifts?

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Great Giveaways All Around!

Jabbering Jessi has a wonderful list of many things awesome ending this week on her blog. Go enter, leave her some comment love. Us bloggers are “comment lovers”!

I may enter here and there this evening, I’m feeling blah again. And as usual when/if I do, I’ll be sure to link you all up!

Stay tuned …

Giveaways Ending This Week With Jabbering Jessi first winner being drawn on 11/30 at 12:00 PM EST

Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms cookbook being drawn on 12/01 at 11:59 PM EST

Vapur Waterbottle being drawn on 12/04 at 11:59 PM EST

Pascara Bags (saddlebags) from Carry You being drawn on 12/05 at 11:59 PM EST

Cup Holder & Stroller Hooks from Think-King being drawn on 12/05 at 11:59 PM EST


Duffle Your Bag standard labor bag being drawn on 12/06 at 11:59 PM EST

I think many (if not all of her giveaways have a daily entry using Twitter).

$100 JcPenny Gift CardOurordinarylife

Sweeps4Bloggers – Giveaway – Butterscotch Blankees – Personalized Blanket – 2 Winners – Ends 12/4/09

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Littlest Pet Shop Friends Nintendo DS Game

Littlest Pet Shop Friends

You can jump right into your own Littlest Pet Shop World, full of cute, quirky pets that magically come to life in an exciting digital world. Collect some of the newest and cutest pets, and explore the four seperate enviroments where you can take care of, and play with your pets in lots of fun mini-games.
The more time you spend having fun with your pet, the more goodies you earn for your pet shop, including new pets, play sets, accessories, and so much more! Play Littlest Pet Shop in a whole new way!

Hey kids, if you’re reading this, get your parents permission and check out the Littlest Pet Shop Website, there’s a great link to put your very own Wish List up so you can show your parents how great it all is.
You can meet the Littlest Pet Shop Pets, watch the videos, and check out the awesome screen shots from the games. Lots of fun stuff to be seen.

Available on Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS games, rated E for Everyone! (that means it’s family friendly!) Published by Electronic Arts Inc.

Littlest Pet Shop Friends Littlest Pet Shop Online

Want to buy it?

Littlest Pet Shop City Friends Littlest Pet Shop Friends Wii


Being a Mom, I don’t always like for kids to shove their heads into a video game, to simply “veg out”. It’s not all bad allowing your kids having a game system. If you don’t know much about the Nintendo DS, I’d like to take a minute and tell you about it.

Nintendo has been around for a good long time, I am in fact a game Mario Brothers addict lover. My kids introduced me to Game Boy Advance. Then to the Nintendo DS which is backwards compatible with games, meaning that we as parents can “recycle” in a sense, previous games. My daughter and I both have a Nintendo DS game system, and we use them to “chat” with one another from room to room. We love playing games together on it, and beating each others high scores. The weather outside can sometimes be outright frightful, and having a DS around is fun, and entertaining when kids can’t run out to play. I take care of my elderly Mother and even she has a Game Boy Advance of her own! My daughter and I keep our Nintendo DS on charge for when she has to see the Dr., or when we take my Mom to the Dr. It really helps to pass the time. I have also mentioned before that my family lives in a rural area, which is wonderful … however it also leaves for longer drives for shopping, and other errands. Again, the Nintendo DS goes many places with us, and it’s enjoyed by all of us of varying ages! If you don’t have one, or if your kids don’t have one give it a look over, it may come in handier than you think. Not all games are geared for kids, there are many games that are for cooking, puzzles, the list goes on and on!

I was sent a Littlest Pet Shop DS game for review, I was not paid any monetary compensation for this review. This post is my opinion and should be taken as just that. Having received samples has no impact on my personal use, experience, or like for any product.

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Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

I must be in a mood. I have been sitting here saying “Lushhhhh, Lusssssshhhhhhh …”, I must have been making faces as well, my daughter wanted to know what was wrong with my eyes. Sure, try explaining that one. I went with the grin and nod to avoid risk of looking like a wacko.

Lush is wonderful! I had never heard of it until just recently. And ohhh la la do I like it!

About LUSH

The folks at LUSH are a step aside from what we most often hear. And when you take a look at their products, and packaging I’m sure you’ll stand to agree with me. Each item is packaged when mailed, and it’s not heavy wrapping. It’s thing paper wrapping (on the bar of soap of course.) They have beliefs of making effective products, using fresh, organic* fruit and vegetables, fine essential oils, and safe synthetics.

They invent their own products, and concoct their own fragrances. Vegetarian ingredients. Each product comes with a nifty sticker that has a picture of who made, with the date of when it was made, along side a “best if used by” date!
You can read more on the LUSH About Us page, they have strong, firm beliefs, and are not afraid of trying to make the world smell great with perfume!

Lush Ethics Against animal testing – 100% vegetarian – 60% organic

One of my favorite things, Cocoa Butter Cocoa Butter reacts to the temperature of the body and melts over the skin, making it supple and smooth.

It’s also one of my favorite items any time of the year. In the summer we use it around our house for sunburns, and dried out skin from swimming, and being in the sun so much. In the winter it’s again, amazing for us since we have wood heat, which leaves your skin very dry!


I got to try out, Washday Greens Shampoo

Washday Greens – This shampoo lives up to it’s name. I was surprised when I put the shampoo in my head. It’s very green. Don’t be alarmed. The fragrance of spearmint, and peppermint were wonderful, and so refreshing. Chlorophyll (the stuff that makes plants green), helps to balance out oils, while bay leaf tones the scalp. I loved that it really did balance out my oily hair! It was a lift that was well needed. I could stay in the shower to smell the refreshing mints for hours! After my hair was dry, I could still smell the mint, and it felt as if I had washed away built up ick using this shampoo.
Buy It: $16.95 – 8.4 oz bottle

SnowCake Soap – It has a wonderful smell of almond cake icing, while your washing with it, it really throws out the scent. Mmmm so good. All of my little dogs were waiting outside the bathroom door for me, I suspect they thought I had goodies hiding in there with me. SnowCake soap feels so soft and smooth against your skin. One thing I wish it had more of is lather. I like lots of lather. I would use SnowCake Soap again, just because of how well it felt on my skin, and how I didn’t feel greasy, or oily after I was out of the shower and dried off.
Buy It: $6.95 – 3.5oz bar
I would also like to try Father Frost Soap – Looks like midnight and smells like a garden. If you’ve been good all year round, you may just be rewarded with a large piece of this Christmas soap made with apple juice and cranberries …. You can even use this for a center-piece for Christmas, and after the festivities, cut it up and share it with your friends!

LUSH has a wide variety of products, to sweeten every name on your Christmas gift list, or to fill stockings to the brim. Including, but certainly not limited to gifts under $25. Take a peek, aren’t these precious?And remember, this one is less than $25!

Snow-Fairy Gift


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Scan Digital Photo Scanning Services

Are generations of your percious family memories sitting in boxes?

ScanDigital can help. They can move photos to cd’s, using their photo scanning services!

You can send your photos, albums, slides, negatives, and home movies to They can scan and digitize them so you can preserve, share and enjoy them forever!

Convert your photos or old VHS to CD or DVD, with online photo galleries.

ScanDigital’s state of the art photo scanning process is easy to use. Select whichever photos you would like to have digitized. Our service can handle black & white photos, color photos, Polaroids – as long as the photo can be laid flat and is not larger than 8.5 x 14 inches. Once you’ve chosen the pictures you wish to convert digitally, simply package your photos and ship them to us.

ScanDigital’s Negative Scanning Process

ScanDigital’s imaging process is unrivaled in the digital processing industry. We scan each negative using the highest quality professional scanner, and every negative is digitally optimized using ScanDigital’s Proprietary process. Our world-class technicians color correct, crop, and re-orientate each negative, ensuring that red eye, scratches and dust are removed.

ScanDigital’s digital slide scanning process is a must for anyone with a valuable slide collection. The digital conversion of slides eliminates the storage problems associated with the housing of your slides, magazines, protective display pages, carousels and slide projector.

ScanDigital uses propreihetary equipment and the most secure process possible when doing video transfers. Thousands of dollars have gone into developing a process that returns the highest quality possible, in a reasonable turnaround time for a fair price.

ScanDigital Also provides photo scanning services deo transfer, slide scanning, and negative scanning services.

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Old Cell Phone? Try Cell Phone Donation

What do you do with them? If you’re anything like many of us that have a cell phone you have at least one old one laying around somewhere. Gathering dust, totally useless.
How about selling or trading in your old cell phone & help reduce eWaste on Earth?
Fast & Free shipping. Hey, donate your old cell phones to Charity.

I have wondered many times why there are not more active companies to participate in a project of this nature, cell phone trade in. I’m so glad to see some jumping in! I really wish there was more access to to cell phone recycling. Cell phones are everywhere, so why aren’t cell phone donation boxes?

With Flipswap, you get paid to recycle your old cell phone. It’s fast and free (including shipping). Search below to find out how much your cell phone is worth. Use the search box on the Flipswap site! Trade in your cell phone , or make a cell phone donation using FlipSwap

Most people don’t know what to do with their old cell phones when they upgrade, so they keep them. Until recently, that was the end of the line. When you got a new phone, you would just throw the old one in a drawer. Before you knew it, you had 5-6 perfectly functional phones rattling around in there. That’s where Flipswap comes in. Flipswap gives old cell phones a second life. Read more

  • Flipswap is Free
  • The trade-in service is free for consumers and retailers with excess phones. Flipswap pays for shipping and handling. No catch. No bait and switch. No kidding.
  • Flipswap is Easy
  • Do you have 2 minutes? Just click on the Flipswap site, learn the value of your phone, and use the prepaid shipping label to mail in your phone. Your payment will arrive in about three weeks.
  • Flipswap is Green
  • And so are you, by helping to keep cell phones out of landfills. Your phone will be put back to use. If not, the parts will be recycled in the making of new products. So don’t sell your cell phone. Send it to us and feel good – and green.

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Dremel 30 Minute Miracles Contest

Today’s tough economy has forced many to trade “moving up” for “fixing up”. Home improvement tasks can prove daunting if you have little time or money to spare.

Dremel has teamed up with Home Improvement expert Paul Ryan, the host of “Kitchen Renovations” on DIY Network, to offer easy-to-follow tips for completing 10 of the most common home repair and remodeling projects – all in 30 minutes or less!
Are you up to Dremel’s task?

This step-by-step guide is designed to assist you with your home improvement projects and also features a shopping guide to make sure you  have everything you need to avoid a DIY disaster.  “30 Minute Miracles” project guide – PDF Format


Dremel 30 Minute Miracles Enter View The Contest Rules

In addition, Dremel is giving YOU the opportunity to flaunt your home improvement skills, and win big prizes, with the 30 Minute Miracles contest.

Contest runs from November 2nd – December 31, 2009 – There’s still time to get your entry in! Grand prize winner will recieve a $2,500 American Express Gift Card. Two additional winners will receive a $1,000 American Express Gift Card, or $500 American Express Gift Card. Open to US. residents age 18 or older. Winners to be announced by February 5, 2010.


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Little Journeys Baby World Ends 12/05/09

Where cows go moo, chickens go cluck, horses neigh
and where cow girls and cow boys have fun.

I’m pretty sure that by now, most (if not all) of readers are well aware that I’m a bit of a country girl. Little Journeys Baby World is too cute for words. And they aren’t geared only “country”.  But other ethnicity’s as well. The lines that Little Journey’s has created are just adorable.

Check out Bonjour Little Sweetheart, sooo cute. We are expecting FOUR new babies between Feb. and end of March. I call them our soon to be Spring Babies. Springin’ up!

Caroline Riepler the founder started her first business in 2001 handcrafting (Woodcarving) European Good Luck Witches, which she takes great pride in that Madeleine Albright the former Secretary of State of America has one of her limited editions.
Starting from her home in Colorado, Little Journeys Baby World first supplied her products to friends and family, local shops, and special events. And now available through the World wide Web. Soon after that in 2003 Caroline became pregnant with her son Stefan and Little Journeys Baby World was born. Unfortunately, things turned bad in 2004 when her Son, Aunt, two Dogs and herself got hit by a drunk driver. It took about 4 years to get back on track again into doing what she loves the most of being with her family and friends, traveling and her dream business Little Journeys Baby World.
Little Journeys Western Wear line was selected to be one of the sponsors at the Canadian Country Music Awards 2009!

Little Journeys Baby Wear is offering one NetWorkingWitches reader a Sheriff T-Shirt (size M 12-18 lbs). Caroline is a WAHM, let’s show her the love from other Moms! Her products will make SUPER baby gifts! Take a peek.


MANDATORY Entry – Visit, Little Journeys Baby World and tell me another item she makes that you would love to get for a little one in your life.

Extra Entries: The mandatory entry MUST be completed or no extra entries will count. They can, and will be deleted, 1 entry unless specified otherwise below. You MUST leave a separate comment for each entry, otherwise it will count as one entry.

EXTRA Optional Entries

~ Become a Friend/Follower on Little Journeys Baby World on their Blog.

~ Join Little Journeys Baby World Mailing List.

~ Follow Little Journeys Baby World on Twitter.

~  Subscribe to our rss Feed (1 entry)

~  Subscribe AND confirm to our Email (2 entries)

~  Follow Networking Witches , WinterWitch and/or RedNeckWitch on Twitter (1 entry for each followed) And please send the below tweet.

~  Twitter this giveaway feel free to copy and paste this:  (You can tweet daily But you MUST leave the link to your tweet) @littlejourneys I just entered to win a Sheriff Baby Shirt with #NetWorkingWitches! Gorgeous Baby Wear! Ends 12/05

~  Grab our button and post the link where we can find it. Copy and paste the code from the right hand side.  (2 entries)

~  Fave us on Technorati and let us know your user name. (2 entries)

~  Add our text link to your blogroll and leave us a link to it.

~ Blog about this giveaway linking to Networking Witches and the sponsor. Come back and leave us the direct link.  (3 entries)

~ Stumble this post, not the site.

~ Digg this post, and leave a link to the Digg, and your username.

This giveaway will end on 12/05/09 at 11:59 PM CST.


I was sent a Little Journey Baby Wear item for review, I was not paid any monetary compensation for this review. This post is my opinion and should be taken as just that. Having received samples has no impact on my personal use, experience, or like for any product.


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Random Twitter Winners

MUST have used the tag #networkingwitchesblackfriday OR use #BFNWWITCHES

Yup, it’s long, but you can do it.

First winner has been sent a DM via twitter. Must answer within 48 hours to claim.

PRIZE Certain Dri Solid @msbabypug *CONFIRMED*

2nd Prize Pre Histin 63 cherry Lozenges – Value $29.99 @jbafaith *Judy, Confirmed, & sent to sponsor*

PreHistin works by regulating and normalizing the release of histamines, which trigger the onset of allergy symptoms. By preventing or reducing the over-production of histamines before they are released, the need to rely on anti-histamines is eliminated (no more drowsiness!). Safe for adults and children 12 years and older, you can begin taking PreHistin cherry lozenges at any time, but it takes several weeks to see optimal results since it works by rebalancing the immune system to maintain a normal response to allergens. PreHistin is effective for both indoor and outdoor allergies, and is safe for long-term use year-round. There are no known adverse side effects, it is totally non-drowsy, and it is completely safe. PreHistin does not affect any medications you may be taking.

3rd Winner – Prize MyClyns- @purplelover04 *Erica, confirmed & sent to sponsor*

MyClyns, a brand new alcohol-free, germ protection spray that you can immediately use on the face when exposed to harmful, disease-causing pathogens. The non-toxic, non-burning spray contains a fast-acting solution that virtually kills more than 60 potentially dangerous pathogens, including MRSA, staph and E-coli*. Yes, I know that spraying your face or your child’s face may seem a little strange, but so was using the thick, icky gels of hand sanitizers when they first came out (now I can’t leave home with out one and I even pack one in my kids lunch boxes!). It’s a product you wish you had when you’re sitting in movies and the person sitting front of you sneezes or coughs or another child suddenly coughs or sneezes on your child at the playground or a place like Chuck E Cheese. I’m not a “total germaphobe” but I am easily distracted by another persons cough or sneeze when I’m in public (movies, store, even church). And, I think lots of moms (and dads) will be excited about MyClyns.

1 – lassic String Bag from Eco Bags @tartinya7 *CONFIRMED*

1 – Holiday Citation Pad from Knock Knock – @ThatTweetThing *CONFIRMED*

1- Set of Tie Buddies for a Boy

5 – Wear Your Wishes Brazilets

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2 More Winners

Therafirm Winner

These are available at SUPERIOR MEDICAL in Charleston.

Comment by Wehaf | 9 November, 2009 | Edit


Simple Stencil Winner

# 2 email subscriber

Comment by Julie L | 26 November, 2009 | Edit



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