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The Ultimate Cloth


Guaranteed up to 5 years. Using ONLY water, and The Ultimate Cloth, it will never scratch, streak, or spot any surface.

Ok, let’s try this Ultimate Cloth, and see just what it can do. I’m going to start with the laptop screen, it always needs cleaned. My great nephew often walks up and pokes his finger at whatever is on the screen. Leaves lovely smears, and smudges.

As I opened this up, I had doubts. It looks much like a paper towel but much larger, and has a sort of leathery feel. It’s an exclusive MiraFiber tm Technology. Now, as I said I had my doubts. So I hit the dirtiest mirrors, tv screens, computer screens, and a stainless steel sink, that has a stain of some kind.

I would compare this to a certain Mr. Soandso cleaning product that does really well erasing dirt.

The Ultimate Cloth is a very small, family owned company dedicated to offering the very best in products that save money, as well as the environment. They do not offer The Ultimate Cloth in stores. Every Ultimate Cloth with a five (5) year guarantee, and challenge users to find new and innovative ways to use the cloth. Anyone who has questions about the Ultimate Cloth, would like to sings its praises or doesn’t think the cloth is working the way it should, can to talk to Ryan, directly. While he’s big on titles, he had to take one when the company was formed. President.

Money saving tip from an Ultimate Cloth user:  If you have a single-use, flat head mop (such as Swiffer), use the machine washable Ultimate Cloth instead of the expensive, disposable, replacement pads.

My husband and I did not think this Ultimate Cloth was going to be able to clean mirrors, or glass without any cleaners, and leave it looking clean, and streak free while using nothing other than water. Yet it did! The Ultimate cloth is machine washable, air dry only. The Ultimate Cloth has been lab tested to remove 96% of bacteria, without the use of chemicals.  And, can cut 50% off your cleaning time. Usually to clean the 2 large mirrors, 2 tv screens, 2 computer screens, and the kitchen sink it takes me an easy 20 minutes or so. It took me right around 8 minutes using The Ultimate Cloth. On an ordinary day, my guess is that it’ll go faster than the 8 minutes as I won’t be watching it dry, looking for any streaks or smudges. Which is why I dread cleaning the mirrors, and screens! They are always already smudged, and sometimes it’s near difficult to get them  back to a pretty shiny mirror again.

I do recommend The Ultimate Cloth, I will use it again, and again, and again. And I do plan on purchasing more of these for in our vehicles, as well as one for husband for his motorcycle. Since The Ultimate Cloth is not available in stores you can purchase via snail mail, or direct from their website.

Thank you to The Ultimate Cloth for giving me this review opportunity! I’m proud to have tried, and tested a product that’s backed by a 5 year guarantee!



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