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My Most Surprising Gift

I’m not hard to surprise, I love gifts of all kinds. Each one is a surprise to me. But if I have to choose just one, I could narrow it down to two. That’s close, right?

We had a desk with a hutch, and any time someone would bump or lean against the desk/hutch, the hutch would come crashing down on our (then) new flat panel monitor. Every time someone come through the door, we would simply cringe, we just knew it would happen whether we issued warnings or not. Come Christmas time, my husband got me a fully assembled desk, complete with a stable hutch. He hid it for a month and a half in the garage. How I never seen it, I have no idea, because I had ventured out there many times!

The second would be when my husband got me my very first sewing machine! A singer, and that puppy held up dandy. It’s still holding up, even being out of time. I was devastated when the timing went screwy. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find someone to repair a sewing machine? Jeepers.

This year, I’m attempting to hold out for a good ole’ Target visit. Being an hour and a half one way to drive, it’s a treat!

So, tell me. What is or was one of your most surprising gifts?

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