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Random Twitter Winners

MUST have used the tag #networkingwitchesblackfriday OR use #BFNWWITCHES

Yup, it’s long, but you can do it.

First winner has been sent a DM via twitter. Must answer within 48 hours to claim.

PRIZE Certain Dri Solid @msbabypug *CONFIRMED*

2nd Prize Pre Histin 63 cherry Lozenges – Value $29.99 @jbafaith *Judy, Confirmed, & sent to sponsor*

PreHistin works by regulating and normalizing the release of histamines, which trigger the onset of allergy symptoms. By preventing or reducing the over-production of histamines before they are released, the need to rely on anti-histamines is eliminated (no more drowsiness!). Safe for adults and children 12 years and older, you can begin taking PreHistin cherry lozenges at any time, but it takes several weeks to see optimal results since it works by rebalancing the immune system to maintain a normal response to allergens. PreHistin is effective for both indoor and outdoor allergies, and is safe for long-term use year-round. There are no known adverse side effects, it is totally non-drowsy, and it is completely safe. PreHistin does not affect any medications you may be taking.

3rd Winner – Prize MyClyns- @purplelover04 *Erica, confirmed & sent to sponsor*

MyClyns, a brand new alcohol-free, germ protection spray that you can immediately use on the face when exposed to harmful, disease-causing pathogens. The non-toxic, non-burning spray contains a fast-acting solution that virtually kills more than 60 potentially dangerous pathogens, including MRSA, staph and E-coli*. Yes, I know that spraying your face or your child’s face may seem a little strange, but so was using the thick, icky gels of hand sanitizers when they first came out (now I can’t leave home with out one and I even pack one in my kids lunch boxes!). It’s a product you wish you had when you’re sitting in movies and the person sitting front of you sneezes or coughs or another child suddenly coughs or sneezes on your child at the playground or a place like Chuck E Cheese. I’m not a “total germaphobe” but I am easily distracted by another persons cough or sneeze when I’m in public (movies, store, even church). And, I think lots of moms (and dads) will be excited about MyClyns.

1 – lassic String Bag from Eco Bags @tartinya7 *CONFIRMED*

1 – Holiday Citation Pad from Knock Knock – @ThatTweetThing *CONFIRMED*

1- Set of Tie Buddies for a Boy

5 – Wear Your Wishes Brazilets


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I Heart Socks, Dick’s Sporting Goods, And Giveaways

Anyone that knows me, knows that I sincerely adore entering giveaways, instant wins, contests, online promotions, whatever you want to call it. It’s just something that really stands out to me. It’s there, and you can win, right? Well how can you win if you don’t have at least 1 entry? Pft, you can’t.

What inspired this thought with me today? Dicks Sporting Goods. That’s who. Why? They have been hosting a giveaway every single day through Twitter. All you have to do is RT (re tweet) to win. And I won yesterday, day 47 of their giveaway! I am seriously stoked! Jeff Hennion, dickssportcmo on Twitter was the fella’ that notified me through DM (direct message) on Twitter. At first I was like WHOA, and now I’m like Ohhhh new socks for MEEEEEEE!

And if you know me very well at all, you KNOW that I am a sock nut, fanatic, sock freak, sock lover, sock WHATEVER.I LOVE SOCKS! And I admit it. Jeff H, kindly linked my win notification to socks on Dicks Sporting Goods, and I’m already eye balling these socks. 🙂 Not kidding, it’s true. I have socks open in another tab as I type this. I type, wait, look at socks. LOL

Oh look at these socks. The softer, and thicker the better. I won’t go into gruesome details, but I have a lot of problems with my right foot. So I’m forever after socks that are nice and soft, and ohhhh so cuddly. Give me a pair of socks and a cozy blankie, and you have found a friend for life. Oh look at these, they are cute. Ahh, and these, aren’t they darling? Look, these are nice.  Check this pair out.

If hubby and the kids are lucky I’ll get them new socks too. lol Or a game of horse shoes. Not sure yet. I have a little time to brew over what to do, but you can rest assured I will have new socks!

I veered off there a minute, into sock loving land. Sorry about that. But it’s a real passion of mine. lol

I really enjoy putting time into entering sweepstakes online, and that time has paid off for me, probably 10 fold. I have won everything from gift cards, to a Wii. An xBox, to a fire pit for the yard. I always enter legit giveaways. Now I have hit a few spammy ones, but it was pure accident, and I still don’t regret it. Besides, I know I didn’t enter to win the Nigerian Lottery, and don’t have any missing relatives that’s giving me millions of Euros. So I handle it well. 🙂

I’ll be back today to update this post, with places I have found to enter. Lately I enjoy entering blog reviews, and  giveaways. It’s interesting to read other peoples blogs. At least to me it is.

There are a couple of days left to enter into the Dicks Sporting Goods Giveaway on Twitter, it’s so simple to enter, and not spammy. Follow Jeff Hennion on Twitter, and RT his message. Hey let him know that I sent ya’ over ok? You’re also welcome to follow Me On Twitter.

Aunt Jemima Morning Moments

Helping Mommy’s Win Blush topless undershirt giveaway 9/24

Helping Mommy’s Win a top from 9/30

Helping Mommy’s Win a Tee from Snorg Tees Ends 10/1

Polishing The Nails – Nail Polish – Ends 9/30

PoppyLipStain 1st Blog Giveaway – Beauty Goodie Pack – Ends 9/30

Happy Mom Of 5 – Ends 9/30

Go check out the Back 2 Blogging Bash on Jabbering Jessi, she is giving away an Organic wrap from Sleepy Wrap. Ends 10/9

Other Everyday Stuff – Tupperware Ends 9/27

This is it for me for the night. Please remember my niece in your prayers, she just had an emergency dnc done. I have her 2 little ones, and they are finally sound asleep. More of an update on my FaceBook page.


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