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My Most Surprising Gift

I’m not hard to surprise, I love gifts of all kinds. Each one is a surprise to me. But if I have to choose just one, I could narrow it down to two. That’s close, right?

We had a desk with a hutch, and any time someone would bump or lean against the desk/hutch, the hutch would come crashing down on our (then) new flat panel monitor. Every time someone come through the door, we would simply cringe, we just knew it would happen whether we issued warnings or not. Come Christmas time, my husband got me a fully assembled desk, complete with a stable hutch. He hid it for a month and a half in the garage. How I never seen it, I have no idea, because I had ventured out there many times!

The second would be when my husband got me my very first sewing machine! A singer, and that puppy held up dandy. It’s still holding up, even being out of time. I was devastated when the timing went screwy. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find someone to repair a sewing machine? Jeepers.

This year, I’m attempting to hold out for a good ole’ Target visit. Being an hour and a half one way to drive, it’s a treat!

So, tell me. What is or was one of your most surprising gifts?


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I’m Not a Paper Cup Reusable Mug


I am Not a Paper Cup Reusable Mug

Add this to your gift list, it’s sure to fit for someone. It looks like a fake ole’ throwaway cup, yet it’s not. No More Paper Cups! It’s porcelain, and double wall insulated to keep coffee hot. The I Am Not A Paper Cup Reusable Mug is available at Target. You can also find it listed under Best Picks Under $25! Looks to me like it fits standard cup holders in the car for easy traveling.

  • Porcelain Coffee Mug
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Matte Finish
  • Double Wall Construction, Removable Lid
  • 8 Oz.
  • 3.5×6 “

You can order this from Target online, for $18.99. If you want to make it even easier for your Holiday shopping, check the box during checkout to have this item gift wrapped!

Great gifts. Low prices on must-haves for everyone on your list.

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Bella’s Ball Trading Cards Ends 12/01/09

You are Cordially Invited to a Magical Ball

What little girl wouldn’t enjoy her own Magical Ball? Complete with secret codes, and Bella’s Ball adventures.

I let my daughter choose a username and her own password. As a parent I MUST have the password to ANY thing my children visit online. Or they don’t visit. Right after I registered my daughter, I recieved an email from Bella Sara, letting me know that my child aged 5-13 had registered. Kudos to Bella Sara for staying in contact with the parent.

Not only is Bella Sara and Hidden City Games offering children a fun-filled magical world where they can expand their imaginations, Bella’s Ball offers parents piece of mind. is a private user experience and interaction with others online is not possible. Bella Sara keeps all personal information private, and takes great care to keep the Bella Sara World a fun and carefree place. Parents have the discretion to decide their child’s appropriate level of interaction with the Bella Sara World. Parental controls can easily be used on children’s accounts to turn off or limit his or her access.

Bella’s Ball is just one more addition to the already exciting and imaginative online world created by Hidden City Games, and conceptcard. In addition to Bella’s Ball, Bella Sara Adventures is an award-winning game-play componet that allows girls to take a journey with magical horses, characters, and friends while they discover new lands, solve mysteries, and restore the beauty of the world.

Join the masquerade ball with Sara’s horse, Bella, and their friends. Secret codes can be found in the set of 55 trading cards, features horses, characters, scenes and stories, children will be able to unclock new adventures sepcific to Bella’s Ball and experience the magical online world of North of North like never before at

Dear parent,

Your child has registered online with Bella Sara™. Bella Sara is a free, safe, imaginative horse-themed world featuring positive messages and imaginative play for children ages 5 to 13.

In the world of Bella Sara™, members choose and name their horse which they can nurture in their own online stable by feeding and caring for them. Please note that your child’s horses will never die or run away. Your child’s account will also not expire. Online, your child will also find games, activities, puzzles, coloring pages and a virtual Bazaar to decorate their own online cottage.

Please rest assured that your child is participating in a safe online environment. No user can see another or their information. We keep all personal details private and take great care to keep the Magical World of Bella Sara a fun and carefree place where your child can grow. That said, you as parent have the ability and responsibility to decide the level of interaction with the Magical World of Bella Sara that is appropriate for your child. You can use the parental-controls section of your child’s account to turn off or limit his or her access. Use the unique credentials below to logon to your own parent page at: There you may adjust your child’s account settings as you see fit.

*Insert my parents email and parental password here.*

Your Bella Sara experience continues with trading cards featuring images of beautiful horses treasures, and positive messages that expand the world of Bella Sara even further. Learn more about the world of North of North in our series of storybooks, collect velvety miniatures, or continue your play with the Nintendo DS & PC game. You can also find craft and activity kits, puzzles and more!
Thank you for starting your journey into a magical world of horses at

Be the hero in your own story,
The Bella Sara Customer Care Team

The game automatically saves when you close the window, so there’s no losing where you left off at. With Bella Sara, Hidden City Games introduces it’s first animated DVD, Bella Sara Tales: The Adventure Begins, rated G.

Narrated by a favorite Bella Sara character, Penny Inkwell, Tales transports children into the mystical realm of North of North as new adventures unfold.

Each pack of Bella Sara trading cards includes a code to enter online at the Bella Sara website, and unlocks horseshoes which are used like “money” in the pretend adventures. My daughter was ultimately excited, the trading cards and secret codes immediately took her attention. My Little Princess, feels like she has truly been Cordially Invited to a Magical Ball.

Using the child’s profile, you can set a daily limit of how long the child is allowed to play. This is wonderful for parents that don’t allow their kids to veg out on online games.

View the collection series check-list, in pdf format. Lay the horse and character cards together like a puzzle to form the ball scenes. The ballroom cards are your key. Each pack of 5 trading cards, includes a sticker card, Bella Sara ticket card.

Every Bella Sara Ticket unlocks magical adventures at!
What adventures will your secret codes unlock?

I have been in contact with Adrienne, who represents Bella Sara, and Hidden City Games, and they are kindly offering one of our readers 2 packs of trading cards, and a velvety mini.

Here are a few ways to save on Bella Sara items. Including online promo code, and a Target web coupon. Coupon expires 12/07/09.

Promo Code: 8EV2TBA6

Savings: 20% off purchase of  $15+



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I was sent samples for review, I was not paid any monetary compensation for this review. This post is my opinion and should be taken as just that. Having received samples has no impact on my personal use, experience, or like for any product.

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