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Skoy Cloth Review & Giveaway Ends 11/11/09 *CLOSED*

Review & Giveaway

Skoy Cloth

These have to be one of the neatest things since sliced bread. Skoy cloth sent me a 4 pack of their multi-use cloths for review, and are generously offering a giveaway to our readers.

skoycloth When these arrived, I was skeptical. These feel sort of like ….. a paper towel,but thicker, and heavier. They come in gorgeous bright colors. I was anxious to give Skoy Cloth a whirl through my kitchen, I wanted to see how this was able to hold up to a family of 5. So far so good. It has stood up to messes from kids ages 3+, and my mother. And it’s still going strong. I recently got a new glass top stove, and it’s a bit tedious to keep shiny. Since it’s black, it shows every streak, and smear. Skoy cloth passed my test of cleaning the glass top stove, streak free. The Skoy Cloth can easily replace paper towels in this area for my family, and this is where I use paper towels the most. On the stove top. Using 1 Skoy Cloth is equivalent to using 15 rolls of paper towels. Probably more where my stove top is concerned, I’m constantly wiping it down, and shining it back up. Skoy Cloth has become my right hand man beside the stove.

Have you ever picked up a kitchen sponge and yours hands smelled of bacteria? Ew. Skoy Cloths can replace sponges for good in your kitchen. Skoy Cloths are washer/dryer safe, wet and place in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, or in the dishwasher. If you choose the microwave route, be sure to WET the Skoy Cloth to avoid risk of fires, it will be hot when removed.

Skoy Cloths are durable, 1 Skoy Cloth saves 15 rolls of paper towels, 100% biodegradable, reusable and machine washable, absorbs 15 times it’s own weight. In an independent composting test, Skoy Cloth broke down in 5 weeks, 16 weeks in a city landfill.

Pick up an issue of Readers Digest in Oct. to see the blurb about Skoy Cloth!

You can purchase Skoy Cloths from their site, or other etailers. Including MyEarth360. Double your chances to receive a Skoy Cloth, and enter the MyEarth360 Review & Giveaway.



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I was sent a 4 pack of Skoy Cloths for review. I was not paid money for this review, or my opinions of Skoy. Having received the pack of Skoy Cloths, has no impact on my feelings of the product.


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Have Ya’ Ever And No Water For Me

The other day I had to make the “long travels” to the big town, about an hour and a half one way from us for a few things. Multiple trip of course, to make it worth the gas money over.

So we KNOW we need a new hot water tank, I knew I would be pricing one if I didn’t snatch the very first one I seen. 🙂 I was tired of luke warm straight to solid cold showers. So I did get a hot water tank, well Lowe’s has a couple of these really cool aisles with mark downs.

Let’s rewind about 20 minutes to Sam’s parking lot. Hubby got foul at me and hung up. Now we all know that pissed me off.

Come on, WHO would not get their panties in a wad over that? Anyway ……… off to Lowe’s I go.(after my rather colorful rant at hubby in Sam’s parking lot.)

So since he had hung up on me, I decide (the clever witch that I am) I’m going to take a look at their sale items, our kitchen stove was in shambles! I literally had a rock holding up what was left of the heating element. I of course being a faithful blogging witch took pictures to prove this. Seriously, there wasn’t much left of this stove to do anything with. The front got so hot that it would burn you if you leaned 1/2 inch from it, and you could use the “rock burner” and then fry an egg on the back center of the stove top.


Can you see the rock?

Nothing left I tell you. There was nothing to hold new pieces in place. Soooooooo Lowe’s has a really nice glass top stove marked down from $498, to $298. I was drooling. They called for clean up on aisle 42 to avoid slips from droolage. (<— my new word)

Ok so I get the hot water tank, and fancy schmancy new (never used), glass top, stove, and am homeward bound. Well now, it’s hubby’s turn to be pissed. He swears to high hell there was NOTHING wrong with the old stove. (photo above) Long story short, the stove stayed, and we’re happy with it. And I got a hot shower.

I was on cloud 9.


NOW, let’s fast forward a few days. Come on, take a guess …

The washer took a great big giant dump. Family of FIVE, one elderly and incontinent, and NO washing machine.

I’m cranky tonight, so I hope I didn’t circle subjects in my blog entry here. Perhaps I should change my name to Madness Mommy Witch? Heh’.

And this is around the area of why I’m not drinking the water around here for awhile.

OK, now on to another subject. I have had a lot on my mind, I hope you all don’t mind reading a bit, and I would LOVE, even adore input.

I took my niece to the WIC office today to get her “official” yup your pregnant test. She’s worried, this will make her 3rd child. I have complete and total faith in her though.

She’s one of five expecting Mommies in our family. (I’m drinking NO water. lol)

So, I’m looking for a little advice here. One of the soon to be new Mommies wants to breast feed, however she’s taking some slack from others for this. Now, with my daughter I did both, breast, and bottle. However, I was embarrassed to nurse in public or around ANYONE for that matter.

Why? I have no idea. I was totally comfortable with the idea of it. Well, she’s having the very same issue. I want to help her ease her mind with her decision, and become comfortable with nursing. Since I wasn’t able to beat my own insecurities, I really want to help her overcome her own.

She seems to know quite a bit of the common pro’s to nursing, but I’d like to have something tried and true to offer her ya’ know. This is where you all come in, PLEASE give me something to hand her, to help her become more secure with her choice.

~RNW (dehydrated)


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