"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Seriously? Seriously! Seriously.

I wasn’t going to do this. I really, really wasn’t. I was having fun.

I had 2nd thoughts through the ENTIRE thing. From day 2. Not day 1, ’cause that’s when I was impulsive. But day 2 I felt like, Ok, I want to do this, yet I don’t want to do this, because it feels like nothing more than a popularity contest. Joie said Oh just do it! You’re good at this sort of thing, you’ll have fun. And there’s a gorgeous bracelet that was added an extra prize.

So I did.

As I read, and visited competing bloggers, I see bribes for votes. Now I’m not thrashing them, don’t get me wrong. To each his/her own. And it was a creative strike. Kudos. However, I didn’t feel like that was fair. (at the risk of sounding like a child.) So I told Joie, again how I felt, and that I thought of withdrawing myself from the competition. (it was just starting to get fun) Again, she reminded me, oh just have fun with it! So I trudged on. No giveaways for my votes. NONE. No extra entries for a vote. No monetary promises. The only promise I made was to show off my socks, and pics of me wearing the mighty tiara. No tiara for me folks. However I’m upholding my end of my deal. You did vote for me, so at the bottom of this post, I am showing off my feet.

Then today, I’m on twitter, with my tweep buddies, and blog followers, and fellow bloggers, and I see that someone has tweeted a bit of something about how one of the competitors has offered to pay voters. WHAT?

I’m frustrated to say it nicely.

I worked hard for my votes. Ethically. Fairly. Socially. The way I thought this was going to be with everyone. Maybe I was a nut to think such things? No matter, this is how I feel. And if I don’t get it out …. well I’m venting. It’s my right isn’t it? What do you think?

I have my tiara. It’s a great circle of readers,and loyal friends, and many others that I have worked with. My shiny tiara will never fade. And has no monetary value. But, it’s mine. To keep. Forever. Really, I’m disgusted that it come to this. Disgusted.

Maybe I’m wrong to remove myself. Maybe I’m wrong to be upset/annoyed/irritated. I don’t know. But I know one thing, I’m walking away from this wearing my big girl panties. Maintaining my dignity. And I’m not afraid to say my morale’s. I have a lot of other things to do, that are much more constructive.

I don’t stake claim to fashion queen, or drama queen for that matter. I’m a mom. I take care of my elderly mother. I.AM.A.LADY. I have full intentions of keeping that too! I’m perfectly content hugging my little ankle biters doggies, and putting deer meat in for dinner tonight. Yes! Deer meat Venison. Fresh.

Thanks, to whoever you are for screwing it up for the rest of us. And I’m damned glad I apparently gave you a run for your money! lol Literally. I got something that you lost. Dignity. New Friends.

Thanks for reading, I already feel better.

Best of luck, and well wishes to those of you that are going to hang in there!

P.S. The bracelet would have been prettier on me anyway! You should have been tossed from the competition by your toes. TOES.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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We Love Colors Review & Giveaway Ends 11/30/09



Lots of colors! Plain colors, bright colors, tie dyed colors. Ohhhhh the colors! 51 colors to be a bit more exact, and more than 13 unique splash designs. We Love Colors have items from kids to plus sizes.

Some of you know this, some don’t, either way, it’s no secret. I have been diagnosed with lyme disease since Sept. 08., I was reinfected in June 09. Not sure how long I had it before I was diagnosed. So I deal with “lyme arthritis”. More often than not, my legs hurt and ache from the hip down. I slipped the tights on from We Love Colors, and it didn’t feel like I was wearing anything, very cozy. Wearing the tights seemed to help my legs feel a bit better today. But that’s just me. I’m not telling you to nab these up for any kind of medical reasons, at all. But they did help me feel a bit better today. And I felt slender. Threw on a big tee, and slipped on the socks from We Love Colors. I’m just flat out cute!


The socks that I got to review from We Love Colors came in blue/green splash. However, that is not the only color choice available. They are nylon, and are so lightweight. If you have read anything on our blog, you know that I love socks! I’m a sock freak. I have so many types of socks, I couldn’t even begin to list them all.

We Love Colors now feature Caroline Geys custom tights. Childrens dancewear, items for Men, and don’t forget the web sales!

The folks at We Love Colors are kindly giving 1 of our readers their choice of tights!


  • MANDATORY Entry – Visit We Love Colors and tell us which pair you would choose if you are the winner.

Extra Entries: The mandatory entry MUST be completed or no extra entries will count. They can, and will be deleted, 1 entry unless specified otherwise below. You MUST leave a separate comment for each entry, otherwise it will count as one entry.

We verify all entries!


~ Follow We Love Colors on Twitter.

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~  Twitter this giveaway, feel free to copy and paste this:  (You can tweet daily But you MUST leave the link to your tweet) @welovecolors Win your choice of tights from We Love Colors & #NetWorkingWitches Ends 11/30 Splash Yourself w/ Color!

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This giveaway will end on 11/30/09 at 11:59 PM CST


I was sent  tights, and socks for  sample for review, I was not paid any monetary compensation for this review. This post is my opinion and should be taken as just that. Having received samples has no impact on my personal use, experience, or like for any product.

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Awww RedNecks & Tiara’s

I really am going to be darling. I can see it now. My new cape made by Cutiepatutus, my new socks, and last but not least … my new shiny tiara. Camo shirt, jeans, and boots. It’s really a fashion trend ya’ know. You can see it, can’t you? You all want me proclaimed as the Super Ultimate Grand Supreme Coolest Blogger in the Universe, aka Queen RedNeckWitch.

Oh how my eyes are sparkling.

See my original post here.

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Therafirm Support Socks Giveaway & Review – Black Friday Event Ends 11/27/2009 @ 3 PM est


And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care……….
Not these stockings though!  We were given the opportunity to try the Mens Support  Socks from Therafirm.  My husband had surgery not so long ago and requires compression hose or extra support hose.  We only have black and to be honest that’s all I thought was available.  Therafirm Core Spun trouser socks come in navy, white and of course black!

Therafirm Support Socks are designed to help relieve moderate leg and ankle swelling, moderate varicosities, and post schlerotherapy.  These socks are stylish and not your run of the mill support socks.  The socks have a knit-in band that keeps the socks in place.  Two-way stretch nylon and spandex.


My husband really liked these.  He said they didn’t bag at the ankles, and they had a more firm support than the ones hes been wearing.  My husband is very picky when it comes to socks and they have gained not only his approval but a space on his Christmas list!

Win It!

Therafirm has been generous enough to provide on Networking Witches Winner with 2 pairs for Therafirm Support Socks.

Mandatory Entry:

Go over to Therafirm website and tell me the nearset place in your area to purchase the Therafirm Support Socks.

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Please Read Networking Witches Terms and Rules


Our Disclosure


I would like to thank SmartKnit for the opportunity to share this with you.

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In A Mood


“Honey, you should have seen the spider in the toilet. I couldn’t kill it, so I just flushed it.Big ole’ thing.”

Thanks. A lot. I could have gone the rest of my life and not cared to know that. Now, every single time I walk into the bathroom, I have visions of large furry spiders hiding under the seat. Maybe I should make him walk me to potty, and check the bathroom for critters every time I have to go. He’ll think twice about his information.

I feel like I should be wearing a hyper color shirt. Do you remember those? I always wanted one, but never got one. I’d love to have one even now. Socks, hyper color socks. That would be cool. Yah.

hypercolorI believe they should make a come back. Hey! I never claimed to be a fashion guru. I am, who I am. :) And I want hypercolor. lol Enjoy that bad visual. Hand in hand with the huge furry spider.

And my advice for today is:

If you can’t say something nice, DON’T say anything at all.


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SmartKnitKids Review & Giveaway Ends 10/28/2009


I have been blessed with the opportunity to try SmartKnitKids Socks.  The full name and description is:  SmartKnitKids Seamless Sensitivity Socks.  Truly Seamless, Antimicrobial, Super Soft, Hugs Feet! Wow!  That is a lot.  When I opened the package and took out the socks I knew these weren’t your ordinary socks.

They are a bit thick and tightly woven.  There is no heel area so it’s straight up and on.  My son liked these right away and so did I.  We are generally stuck with plain old white that my boys wear out in a matter of a couple of weeks.

These socks will have a lot wear in them due to their durability weave and their ingredients.  92% Polyester 5% X-Static 3% Lycra.


SmartKnitKids were created by requests from “desperate” parents for seamless socks.  Their socks are started from the toe and made upwards toward the ankle.  This ensures 100% seamless socks.  Since SmartKnitKids launch in 2003 they continue to find new markets and grow yearly.

SmartKnitKids come in both colors for boys and girls and I’m thrilled to have gotten black and blue for my son to wear with his church dress pants.  Their Sizes range from 1-4 Toddler to 5-8 Girls/Boys.


There is also a Bugsley Sock Club on their website where parents can share stories and if all of this wasn’t enough they offer a place to share your story and one winner will win $50 and an Ant Farm.


Check out SmartKnitKids blog and help Sock It To Autism!

Win It!!!

One very lucky winner is going to receive 3 pairs of SmartKnitKids Socks!

Mandatory Entry:

Sign up for  Bugsley’s Sock Club and leave me your email so I can verify this.

Extra Entries:

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Giveaway Ends 10/28/2009




Tiffy is the UnConfirmed Winner


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I Heart Socks, Dick’s Sporting Goods, And Giveaways

Anyone that knows me, knows that I sincerely adore entering giveaways, instant wins, contests, online promotions, whatever you want to call it. It’s just something that really stands out to me. It’s there, and you can win, right? Well how can you win if you don’t have at least 1 entry? Pft, you can’t.

What inspired this thought with me today? Dicks Sporting Goods. That’s who. Why? They have been hosting a giveaway every single day through Twitter. All you have to do is RT (re tweet) to win. And I won yesterday, day 47 of their giveaway! I am seriously stoked! Jeff Hennion, dickssportcmo on Twitter was the fella’ that notified me through DM (direct message) on Twitter. At first I was like WHOA, and now I’m like Ohhhh new socks for MEEEEEEE!

And if you know me very well at all, you KNOW that I am a sock nut, fanatic, sock freak, sock lover, sock WHATEVER.I LOVE SOCKS! And I admit it. Jeff H, kindly linked my win notification to socks on Dicks Sporting Goods, and I’m already eye balling these socks. 🙂 Not kidding, it’s true. I have socks open in another tab as I type this. I type, wait, look at socks. LOL

Oh look at these socks. The softer, and thicker the better. I won’t go into gruesome details, but I have a lot of problems with my right foot. So I’m forever after socks that are nice and soft, and ohhhh so cuddly. Give me a pair of socks and a cozy blankie, and you have found a friend for life. Oh look at these, they are cute. Ahh, and these, aren’t they darling? Look, these are nice.  Check this pair out.

If hubby and the kids are lucky I’ll get them new socks too. lol Or a game of horse shoes. Not sure yet. I have a little time to brew over what to do, but you can rest assured I will have new socks!

I veered off there a minute, into sock loving land. Sorry about that. But it’s a real passion of mine. lol

I really enjoy putting time into entering sweepstakes online, and that time has paid off for me, probably 10 fold. I have won everything from gift cards, to a Wii. An xBox, to a fire pit for the yard. I always enter legit giveaways. Now I have hit a few spammy ones, but it was pure accident, and I still don’t regret it. Besides, I know I didn’t enter to win the Nigerian Lottery, and don’t have any missing relatives that’s giving me millions of Euros. So I handle it well. 🙂

I’ll be back today to update this post, with places I have found to enter. Lately I enjoy entering blog reviews, and  giveaways. It’s interesting to read other peoples blogs. At least to me it is.

There are a couple of days left to enter into the Dicks Sporting Goods Giveaway on Twitter, it’s so simple to enter, and not spammy. Follow Jeff Hennion on Twitter, and RT his message. Hey let him know that I sent ya’ over ok? You’re also welcome to follow Me On Twitter.

Aunt Jemima Morning Moments

Helping Mommy’s Win Blush topless undershirt giveaway 9/24

Helping Mommy’s Win a top from 9/30

Helping Mommy’s Win a Tee from Snorg Tees Ends 10/1

Polishing The Nails – Nail Polish – Ends 9/30

PoppyLipStain 1st Blog Giveaway – Beauty Goodie Pack – Ends 9/30

Happy Mom Of 5 – Ends 9/30

Go check out the Back 2 Blogging Bash on Jabbering Jessi, she is giving away an Organic wrap from Sleepy Wrap. Ends 10/9

Other Everyday Stuff – Tupperware Ends 9/27

This is it for me for the night. Please remember my niece in your prayers, she just had an emergency dnc done. I have her 2 little ones, and they are finally sound asleep. More of an update on my FaceBook page.


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