"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

I must be in a mood. I have been sitting here saying “Lushhhhh, Lusssssshhhhhhh …”, I must have been making faces as well, my daughter wanted to know what was wrong with my eyes. Sure, try explaining that one. I went with the grin and nod to avoid risk of looking like a wacko.

Lush is wonderful! I had never heard of it until just recently. And ohhh la la do I like it!

About LUSH

The folks at LUSH are a step aside from what we most often hear. And when you take a look at their products, and packaging I’m sure you’ll stand to agree with me. Each item is packaged when mailed, and it’s not heavy wrapping. It’s thing paper wrapping (on the bar of soap of course.) They have beliefs of making effective products, using fresh, organic* fruit and vegetables, fine essential oils, and safe synthetics.

They invent their own products, and concoct their own fragrances. Vegetarian ingredients. Each product comes with a nifty sticker that has a picture of who made, with the date of when it was made, along side a “best if used by” date!
You can read more on the LUSH About Us page, they have strong, firm beliefs, and are not afraid of trying to make the world smell great with perfume!

Lush Ethics Against animal testing – 100% vegetarian – 60% organic

One of my favorite things, Cocoa Butter Cocoa Butter reacts to the temperature of the body and melts over the skin, making it supple and smooth.

It’s also one of my favorite items any time of the year. In the summer we use it around our house for sunburns, and dried out skin from swimming, and being in the sun so much. In the winter it’s again, amazing for us since we have wood heat, which leaves your skin very dry!


I got to try out, Washday Greens Shampoo

Washday Greens – This shampoo lives up to it’s name. I was surprised when I put the shampoo in my head. It’s very green. Don’t be alarmed. The fragrance of spearmint, and peppermint were wonderful, and so refreshing. Chlorophyll (the stuff that makes plants green), helps to balance out oils, while bay leaf tones the scalp. I loved that it really did balance out my oily hair! It was a lift that was well needed. I could stay in the shower to smell the refreshing mints for hours! After my hair was dry, I could still smell the mint, and it felt as if I had washed away built up ick using this shampoo.
Buy It: $16.95 – 8.4 oz bottle

SnowCake Soap – It has a wonderful smell of almond cake icing, while your washing with it, it really throws out the scent. Mmmm so good. All of my little dogs were waiting outside the bathroom door for me, I suspect they thought I had goodies hiding in there with me. SnowCake soap feels so soft and smooth against your skin. One thing I wish it had more of is lather. I like lots of lather. I would use SnowCake Soap again, just because of how well it felt on my skin, and how I didn’t feel greasy, or oily after I was out of the shower and dried off.
Buy It: $6.95 – 3.5oz bar
I would also like to try Father Frost Soap – Looks like midnight and smells like a garden. If you’ve been good all year round, you may just be rewarded with a large piece of this Christmas soap made with apple juice and cranberries …. You can even use this for a center-piece for Christmas, and after the festivities, cut it up and share it with your friends!

LUSH has a wide variety of products, to sweeten every name on your Christmas gift list, or to fill stockings to the brim. Including, but certainly not limited to gifts under $25. Take a peek, aren’t these precious?And remember, this one is less than $25!

Snow-Fairy Gift



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Munchie Mug Review & Giveaway Ends 11/28/09 Black Friday Event

Ok so as I sit here with the Munchie Mug, I was thinking  …. “hmmm, how can I bust this little dude, surely the snacks are going to fall out”. Sheesh, was I wrong! Each time I add an item, I am not taking any out.
I started with a halloween bat ring, added the lid, and shook it HARD upside down.
Hmmm again, so I add a cough drop.
Nothing fell out.
Determined that this patent pending fabric closure was bound to give in, I add a small lighter. (don’t add these things to your Munchie Mug for yourself or your child please.)
And again I shake!
Nothing falls out.
So I add a regular sized lighter, and again I’m shaking the dickens out of this Munchie Mug. Nothing fell out.

I’m now adding a 1 ounce tube of lotion. This is getting rather heavy. I shook the mess out of it yet again. I really thought the lotion would come out of the mug upside down, since it’s tubular shaped, yet still nothing has come out of the Munchie Mug.
Ok so, I added a quarter, a nickel, a dime, and a penny. Now keep in mind, I’m shaking this REALLY hard. And I’m shaking it side to side, up and down. It sort of looks like I’m throwing a tantrum. lol

I did find that if I deliberately shook The Munchie Mug the direction of the slit in the lid, I couldn’t get anything more than 2 coins to fall out. I kept ALL other items in the Munchie Mug. I put the 2 coins that fell out back into the mug and shook again, all directions. The 2nd try none of the coins, or other items fell out. So after sitting here for about a half an hour shaking, and adding items to the Munchie Mug, only once did anything fall out. I really thought that if the slit in the fabric opened and anything fell out, that other things would fall out as well. Sort of like a dominoe effect with the opening. Yet it did not happen.

Munchie Mug scores a 5/5 for me.

Munchie Mug comes in 3 colors.

Pretty good test run, if I do say so myself. I’ll be keeping Munchie Mugs around our house for little ones. I can very easily see how this would save a huge mess in the house or in the car. And I think I’ll be adding a Munchie Mug to each of our vehicles. We often go fishing in the summer, and where we go we have to use four wheel drive, usually not a smooth ride.

Thinking more on the Munchie Mug, not only does it keep goodies in, but it keeps ickies out!

The Munchie Mug has my personal Mom Seal Of Approval. And after my own little “tests”, I love the Munchie Mug.

Now, some product features, information from Munchie Mug’s website.


* Secure Screw-On Top with Easy Grip Handle
* Soft fabric closure for sensitive little hands
* Easy to clean: Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
* Great for healthy snacking: Cereals, dried fruits, crackers, etc.
* Additional stay-fresh lid included for keeping snacks fresh when mug is not in use
* Economically friendly: Made in the United States of America
* Child friendly: Made of all FDA food grade compliant materials
* Environmentally friendly: Made of 100% recyclable materials & eliminates waste created by plastic snack baggies that are used once and thrown away. Use the Munchie Mug, again, again, and again!!!

If I haven’t covered something here that you would like to know, please visit the Munchie Mug FAQ Page.

With the goal of child safety in mind and a dedication to American Manufacturing, it is our hope that the Munchie Mug will set new standards for children’s products. We believe that the Munchie Mug is superior in function and design to other products of similar use. And in a day and age when product recalls are commonplace, we have made the effort to guarantee that our product is constructed with only FDA food grade approved materials. It is very important to us that the Munchie Mug is both environmentally and economically friendly. Purchasing a Munchie Mug is making a decision to create a better world for ourselves and our children.

Buy It

Can’t wait to see if you’re the winner of the Munchie Mug? Buy It!
Munchie Mug $15.95 each
Price includes shipping and handling to anywhere in the USA.




Thanks to Munchie Mug, One NetworkingWitches U.S. reader will win a Munchie Mug in their choice of color.

MANDATORY Entry – Visit Munchie Mug, and tell us what you learned. Please play fair, no cheating. :)

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I was sent a Munchie Mug sample for review, I was not paid any monetary compensation for this review. This post is my opinion and should be taken as just that. Having received samples has no impact on my opinion, personal use, experience, like or dislike for any product.


Winner is Cheryl - UnConfirmed

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