"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Bullying & Cyber Bullying

Joie and I once worked as managers for a virtual world website. It was quite the experience. We witnessed first hand at how cruel children can be. We heard stories about how they picked on this one or that one at school too. Or how this member was prank calling the other member and hanging up, and so on. One virtual world member, treating others as an outcast. We were even unfortunate enough to witness a child, or what we had to presume was a child, threatening to kill herself. Serious business, and it was emotionally hard to deal with.

As you can see, we have moved past the whole virtual world thing, and we are both very thankful for that. That’s a whole ‘nother story of it’s own.

When we ventured off with our blogging, and decided to truly make a “real go of it”, I really had no idea what we would encounter. To be completely and totally honest, I had no clue at the can of worms I opened when I made the post the other day in regards to momdot, and her post that is basically making fun of the differences in people. Yes, I tweeted my post, and asked for retweets. No, I do not regret it, not at all. I still stand by how I feel. However, what has come to light is that it IS a form of cyberbullying. From a so called “mother”. Tough title when your making fun of others as if on the school yard playground.

Twitter has gone haywire. And it seems to me that Trisha and/or one of her “yes men” have created a whole new twitter account to air someone else’s dirty laundry. How that pertains to the illogical behavior that she expressed on her blog, I guess I’ll never know, or understand. Pretty hard to rationalize grown ups acting in such a manner. As of the most current, without putting forth too much effort to really find out who said what, and who has done what, I have found that I’m banned, lol. Big shocker isn’t it? The post that she made making “funny” jabs at people that are not her version of “normal” is password protected. Why? Why bother locking the entry? She prides herself on hairy controversy. But folks, please tell me. What is controversy without debate? What’s the point of it?

Somewhere yesterday I read that Trisha tends to send nasty tweets, just in time for you to see them, and reply then deletes them. I really didn’t think an adult would stoop so low, boy was I wrong. I was lucky enough to recieve one of her nasty tweets, which disappeared quickly. Too bad I didn’t think to grab a screen shot. Oh well, I’m wearing my big girl panties this week.

Some have asked me this through messanger, email, or twitter, if it’s my daughter on her blog. No, Trish did not make fun of my daughter. I guarantee if it were my child on her blog, I’d go redneck on her ass. And apparently so would a few of you. Thanks!  I hope that girls mother comes across the blog and picks her apart for pure fun and ethical enjoyment.

I want to close this post, by asking the rest of you one thing. Please, remember it’s an outrage because of what she posted (ew others agree with her) is not ethical behavior, please, don’t stoop to her level. Don’t bring yourself down on what you are fighting against.

Take the right channels here, be and act like the adult with ethics that you are. Here are some links that I don’t mind sharing. You don’t have to visit them, it’s all your choice.

Please Blog Responsibly!

Kudos to Jackie, at Monkey Mayhem <– Big squishy bewbie hugs

Not very nice, and although I don’t agree with the whole tactic of this, it does sport some info. I got the email. Thanks, I think.

She’s More Than A Number – Seems she has started a petition.

DelTheDad – A bit harsh, but seems his family was the object of momdot’s affection at one time.

My original post. Surely Not Judgmental

A Blessed Mommy


Full page image of the hateful post.

I’m not linking tweets here. Unless you guys REALLY want me to? But umm, just do a search and I’m sure you’ll find all you need.


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Seriously? Seriously! Seriously.

I wasn’t going to do this. I really, really wasn’t. I was having fun.

I had 2nd thoughts through the ENTIRE thing. From day 2. Not day 1, ’cause that’s when I was impulsive. But day 2 I felt like, Ok, I want to do this, yet I don’t want to do this, because it feels like nothing more than a popularity contest. Joie said Oh just do it! You’re good at this sort of thing, you’ll have fun. And there’s a gorgeous bracelet that was added an extra prize.

So I did.

As I read, and visited competing bloggers, I see bribes for votes. Now I’m not thrashing them, don’t get me wrong. To each his/her own. And it was a creative strike. Kudos. However, I didn’t feel like that was fair. (at the risk of sounding like a child.) So I told Joie, again how I felt, and that I thought of withdrawing myself from the competition. (it was just starting to get fun) Again, she reminded me, oh just have fun with it! So I trudged on. No giveaways for my votes. NONE. No extra entries for a vote. No monetary promises. The only promise I made was to show off my socks, and pics of me wearing the mighty tiara. No tiara for me folks. However I’m upholding my end of my deal. You did vote for me, so at the bottom of this post, I am showing off my feet.

Then today, I’m on twitter, with my tweep buddies, and blog followers, and fellow bloggers, and I see that someone has tweeted a bit of something about how one of the competitors has offered to pay voters. WHAT?

I’m frustrated to say it nicely.

I worked hard for my votes. Ethically. Fairly. Socially. The way I thought this was going to be with everyone. Maybe I was a nut to think such things? No matter, this is how I feel. And if I don’t get it out …. well I’m venting. It’s my right isn’t it? What do you think?

I have my tiara. It’s a great circle of readers,and loyal friends, and many others that I have worked with. My shiny tiara will never fade. And has no monetary value. But, it’s mine. To keep. Forever. Really, I’m disgusted that it come to this. Disgusted.

Maybe I’m wrong to remove myself. Maybe I’m wrong to be upset/annoyed/irritated. I don’t know. But I know one thing, I’m walking away from this wearing my big girl panties. Maintaining my dignity. And I’m not afraid to say my morale’s. I have a lot of other things to do, that are much more constructive.

I don’t stake claim to fashion queen, or drama queen for that matter. I’m a mom. I take care of my elderly mother. I.AM.A.LADY. I have full intentions of keeping that too! I’m perfectly content hugging my little ankle biters doggies, and putting deer meat in for dinner tonight. Yes! Deer meat Venison. Fresh.

Thanks, to whoever you are for screwing it up for the rest of us. And I’m damned glad I apparently gave you a run for your money! lol Literally. I got something that you lost. Dignity. New Friends.

Thanks for reading, I already feel better.

Best of luck, and well wishes to those of you that are going to hang in there!

P.S. The bracelet would have been prettier on me anyway! You should have been tossed from the competition by your toes. TOES.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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