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The Simple Stencil Review & Giveaway – Black Friday Event Ends 11/27/2009 @ 4 pm est



Simple Stencil was kind enough to send me the below stencil for my Laundry Room wall.  It comes complete with a tool to transfer it to your wall.   Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good picture because of glare and a small area  but this is the color of my wall and the stencil.


This is a great and inexpensive way to add decoration to your wall.  Not into wordy stencils?  Well the have embellishments and monograms too as well as you will see below.

Have a little one on the way?  Or want to redecorate your childs current room?  They have Poems, Prayers, Embellishments, Monograms, and right down to a darling Baby Face Clock.

This is also a great answer to big blank walls like I have.  It compliments the room and adds a little of your own personal touch.

There are literally 100s of designs to choose from and you can order them in the color of your choice.  I really like this because it added a personal touch to my room and it wasn’t hard to apply.  I also like that they have a design tool on their website that allows pick the color of your wall and then the color of stencil you’re thinking of purchasing.

Win It!

The Simple Stencil is offering one Networking Witches reader a stencil of their own!

Mandatory Entry:

Head on over to The Simple Stencil and tell us what your favorite stencil is and where you would like to put it in your home.

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Thank you to The Simple Stencil for this opportunity.

Giveaway ends 11/27/2009 @ 4 pm est

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Cloud B Review and Contest


Thank you to Cloud B for the opportunity to review Polar Cuddle Cub.  Cloud B is bringing attention to endangered species with their Endangered Species Collection.  Their new  Polar Cuddle Cub shivers to provide a comforting touch.
I love how soft this plush toy is.  I call it a toy but actually it’s a comfort.  My son has a “night night” blanket that is thread bare and refuses to give up.  When I showed him the Polar Cuddle Cub he liked it but was excited to go to bed when I told him he could sleep with it.


My son is very afraid of the dark and my hope is that this cuddly friend will comfort him and help him get through the night with just a night light and not the light in their room.  Last night when I put him to bed and explained that the cub was shivering he tucked him under the covers with himself to warm him.  I heard some giggles and I think that he liked the fact that when he hugged the bear he would shiver again.


I really like the fact that a portion of the purchase price goes to Conservation International.  It gave me an opening to discuss Endangered Animals with not just my youngest son but all of my kids.  The older ones were great in adding the information they’ve learned and sharing it with our youngest.

Cloud B has more than one passion.  They are also passionate about helping children of all ages sleep better.  They have an infant line as well as a toddler and child line.  Not only does a portion of proceeds go to Conservation International but they give product donations and financial contributions to charitable organizations nationwide.

Cloud B is hosting a contest on their website.  Click here to enter!


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Mineral Basics Review & Giveaway Ends 10/22/2009


Chandi from Mineral Basics put together a product sampler for me.  I really like the colors and that it goes on in non greasy layers.  I have really dark under the eye circles.  I tried the under eye corrector and it was like an eraser.  I could still see them but the corrector helped smooth those circles out.  Then I applied the foundation.  I could hardly see those circles at all.


I’m focused on the circles under my eyes because that is what bothers me most about my face.  The foundation smoothed out the my coloring and didn’t feel heavy.  Then I moved on to adding a little color to my eye lids.  I was able to use 2 different browns and blend for a natural look.


The Mineral Basics website offers Application Tips and instructions on how to use different products.  The have a blog with tips and tricks and it introduces you to their specials.


All in all I like how it covered and I really like how it took care of the circles under my eyes.  I also like that they mail world wide.  This is my opinion and my own conclusion.

Win It!!

Chandi from Mineral Basics has been generous enough to offer one of our users 15 samples of their choice or they can pick them for you.

Mandatory Entry:

Visit Mineral Basics and tell us a few colors you would pick for your sampler.

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Giveaway Ends 10/22/2009


MineralBasicswinner102209Confirmed – Miss Denise

Winner has been emailed

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CoverYourHair Ends 10/26/09 *CLOSED*

Review & Giveaway Sent us a solid color tie back bandana, made from 100% cotton for review, and are offering one of our readers a surprise box with $25 of their products!

Around here these are worn about year round. The guys wear them in the summer to keep sweat from dripping down their face while working, or playing. I wear them when working in the garden, or at the river. And in the winter the guys wear them while working out side, to help keep their heads warm under caps. Tie back bandana’s have lots of uses, hair loss, bad hair day, sweating, warmth, under hats/caps. I have heard these called Du Rags, Do Rags, Tie Backs, bandana wraps. I’m sure there are lots of other names for these.

Check out their site, they have lots of hair goodies. Tie backs in tye dye, paisley in 14 colors, army camouflagefunky cotton. Use these light weight hair goodies to cover up on a boring day!

Visit their about page, for more information about their hair products, and accessories.

Chappones look so cute on others. I wish I could wear one as gracefully as others do!

One of my personal favorites from their site, are the comb hair bands. My daughter loves the head bands with tails. They don’t seem to have any limits on what they offer to Cover Your Hair. Enjoy the pun.


MANDATORY Entry – Visit , and name another Product I have not mentioned and let us know what it is, and why you would like to try it.

Extra Entries: The mandatory entry MUST be completed or no extra entries will count. They can, and will be deleted. You MUST leave a comment for each entry. 1 entry unless specified otherwise below. You must leave a separate comment for each entry, otherwise it will count as one entry.

Join CoverYourHair via, Google Friend Connect:
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Giveaway will end 10/26/09 at 11:59 PM CST, Winner will be emailed, once confirmed their name will appear on the winners page.

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DinoVites Winner

See it really pays to return tweet. Camper223 won with a Tweet.

#113 Was chosen using


Camper, please reply to our email so we can forward your information on to DinoVites. Congrats, and thanks for visiting.

I twitted this giveaway

Thank you so very very much


#2 Winner, 2nd Draw first draw winner didn’t answer email.

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I Heart Socks, Dick’s Sporting Goods, And Giveaways

Anyone that knows me, knows that I sincerely adore entering giveaways, instant wins, contests, online promotions, whatever you want to call it. It’s just something that really stands out to me. It’s there, and you can win, right? Well how can you win if you don’t have at least 1 entry? Pft, you can’t.

What inspired this thought with me today? Dicks Sporting Goods. That’s who. Why? They have been hosting a giveaway every single day through Twitter. All you have to do is RT (re tweet) to win. And I won yesterday, day 47 of their giveaway! I am seriously stoked! Jeff Hennion, dickssportcmo on Twitter was the fella’ that notified me through DM (direct message) on Twitter. At first I was like WHOA, and now I’m like Ohhhh new socks for MEEEEEEE!

And if you know me very well at all, you KNOW that I am a sock nut, fanatic, sock freak, sock lover, sock WHATEVER.I LOVE SOCKS! And I admit it. Jeff H, kindly linked my win notification to socks on Dicks Sporting Goods, and I’m already eye balling these socks. 🙂 Not kidding, it’s true. I have socks open in another tab as I type this. I type, wait, look at socks. LOL

Oh look at these socks. The softer, and thicker the better. I won’t go into gruesome details, but I have a lot of problems with my right foot. So I’m forever after socks that are nice and soft, and ohhhh so cuddly. Give me a pair of socks and a cozy blankie, and you have found a friend for life. Oh look at these, they are cute. Ahh, and these, aren’t they darling? Look, these are nice.  Check this pair out.

If hubby and the kids are lucky I’ll get them new socks too. lol Or a game of horse shoes. Not sure yet. I have a little time to brew over what to do, but you can rest assured I will have new socks!

I veered off there a minute, into sock loving land. Sorry about that. But it’s a real passion of mine. lol

I really enjoy putting time into entering sweepstakes online, and that time has paid off for me, probably 10 fold. I have won everything from gift cards, to a Wii. An xBox, to a fire pit for the yard. I always enter legit giveaways. Now I have hit a few spammy ones, but it was pure accident, and I still don’t regret it. Besides, I know I didn’t enter to win the Nigerian Lottery, and don’t have any missing relatives that’s giving me millions of Euros. So I handle it well. 🙂

I’ll be back today to update this post, with places I have found to enter. Lately I enjoy entering blog reviews, and  giveaways. It’s interesting to read other peoples blogs. At least to me it is.

There are a couple of days left to enter into the Dicks Sporting Goods Giveaway on Twitter, it’s so simple to enter, and not spammy. Follow Jeff Hennion on Twitter, and RT his message. Hey let him know that I sent ya’ over ok? You’re also welcome to follow Me On Twitter.

Aunt Jemima Morning Moments

Helping Mommy’s Win Blush topless undershirt giveaway 9/24

Helping Mommy’s Win a top from 9/30

Helping Mommy’s Win a Tee from Snorg Tees Ends 10/1

Polishing The Nails – Nail Polish – Ends 9/30

PoppyLipStain 1st Blog Giveaway – Beauty Goodie Pack – Ends 9/30

Happy Mom Of 5 – Ends 9/30

Go check out the Back 2 Blogging Bash on Jabbering Jessi, she is giving away an Organic wrap from Sleepy Wrap. Ends 10/9

Other Everyday Stuff – Tupperware Ends 9/27

This is it for me for the night. Please remember my niece in your prayers, she just had an emergency dnc done. I have her 2 little ones, and they are finally sound asleep. More of an update on my FaceBook page.


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What Will I Do?

Winter is away. I’m bored. She is my Pogo pal, we talk all day long. Literally! I’m going to be so lost. lol But she’s going to have a wonderful time! Please wish her safe travels.

Winner’s of the Pogo Pass have been announced. 🙂

So, since Winter isn’t around for me to gab with, I’m going to look around and find other blog giveaways. 🙂 They are lots of fun. Don’t you agree?

So, stay tuned. I’ll update this post as I find new giveaways for today, 9/17.

KiddieCorner DealsGot Milk Prize Pkg. Ends 9/18

KiddiesCorner DealsCrazy Baby Clothing Ends 9/21

Misson Mommy – Mr. Pumpkin Head From PartyLites Ends 9/30

Ok, I entered a few giveaways. And as I sit here thinking … (not always a good thing) … about anal people. All uppity, and think they are high and mighty. *sigh* When the truth is, no one is better than anyone else. It’s like …… equal value. And as I sit here, and think, I realize  that this last week (ok fine, month or so) I have let anal people get under my skin, and get the best of me, (even that lady on Etsy that I’m telling ALL of my friends to stay away from ’cause she’s anal) and I really shouldn’t let their antics bother me. So are anal people making me anal at the same time? Not the same kind of anal, but a defensive kind of anal. (is it even legal to use the word anal this many times?)

Oh geez, perhaps I just need some toilet paper.

Won’t you be glad when Winter returns? lol

Please remember that your comments will not appear right away under any post, so be patient, they will show eventually. I’m off for the night dearies. I’m not feeling well, and the bed is calling my name. And I think I need to stock up on toilet paper (must find coupons), and stop letting those anal people (even that gal on etsy) bother me. And I seriously will not buy from you lady. You are way too uptight. She KNOWS who she is. lol Icky people.

*shakes it off*


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