"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Brrr! We Got The Chill, Now We Need The White Stuff!


Our area here is a tourist area.  There really isn’t any manufacturing left.  The car industry is in such turmoil and what was once Michigan’s forte is now it’s down fall.  I live on Lake Michigan and it’s beautiful here.  I literally live within 1 mile of water in every direction.  During the summer our population swells and the roads are packed with “fudgies” our tourists, called because of our fudge shops.

Now though, the chill is in the air and the snow will be falling soon.  The ski hills will be making snow to hurry their season along as well as later to stay open through March.  Looks are so deceiving as I sit here it’s beautiful outside with a mild breeze but temps are in the 30s.  There is a bit of gray out and it could mean flurries later.  Snow and a good winter bring not just skiers but ice fishermen, snowmobilers, snowshoers, and one of our favorites sledders.

Most of the men of our area are hunting for deer right now.  Not just for sport but to help feed our families.  Being in a tourist area we have a saying “A view of the bay, for half the pay”.  There are a lot of game hunters here for that reason.  Recently, our family started fishing too. Our kids love the outdoors and it is a great family bonding experience.



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