"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Insomnia, Post Luv, & Who Knows

It’s late, and as usual I can’t sleep. I can take ambien, but I don’t like taking it, or any other medicines for that matter. I have tried chamomile tea, cold, and warm. Didn’t work. This house is old, me feet are cold, and the remote is across the room, and frankly I’m too lazy to trot over to change the channel over to cmt or gac. Isn’t that awful?

So since I’m in the Bloggers and Tiara’s competition, I’m working on mission #2 for the “pageant”. So not a total waste of insomnia. Since our house is laid out from hundreds of years ago, I can’t go dive in and mop, or sweep, or even laundry or else I’ll disturb the rest of the house. This is about the only time I get genuine quiet time, not a chance I’m going to wake them. Maybe I can’t sleep ’cause I enjoy the quiet time? lol

Well anyway, if you  haven’t already go give me a vote. It’s quick, easy, and painless. You won’t need to register or enter your email or anything else.

Follow this link over to Momdot, and choose Rose to vote for me. It’s literally that simple. One time, one vote, one vote … for moi!

If you go vote for me, right now I will post a picture of my foot. I know you wanna’ see my foot! Wearing socks of course, you wouldn’t expect anything other would you?

Go Vote!


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