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GE Money Bank You’re An AssHat

I am outraged and disgusted with GE Money Bank. My husband and I have had a Wal-Mart credit for 9 years. During that time we never went over our limit, and NEVER made a late payment. Now with every payment we make they are REMOVING our credit balance. I’m furious as we should have splendid credit with this company, they have slowly removed most of our credit balance which should exceed $1k. And it’s now down to $280.

What a disgusting way to treat your consumers. Way to go GE Money Bank to help companies lose customers.

Their reasoning for docking our credit limit is based on our dealings with another company, at the risk of sounding like a child that’s NOT fair, considering “other companies” pertain to late medical bills, face it, my family is NOT the only one to be struggling with past due medical bills. However, it’s not GE Money Bank’s place OR purpose to base their dealings with us on THIS!

To say I’m pissed is an understatement.


Contact information for GE Money Bank

P.O. Box 981469
El Paso, TX 79998-1469
Phone: 877-294-7880


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  1. I would be saying the same thing. I hate that they count medical bills against credit. Those are typically things out of control, and half of the time even when you make a deal with them they still report you when you pay.

    Comment by Sharon @ my musings and stuff! | 9 November, 2009 | Reply

  2. Well, that stinks.


    Comment by Linda @ My Trendy Tykes | 9 November, 2009 | Reply

  3. Oh no I hope they fix this!

    Comment by Gena | 9 November, 2009 | Reply

  4. Unbelievable! It has so much to do with the economy right now though, they are buckling down so bad!

    Comment by Miss Blondie | 9 November, 2009 | Reply

  5. Asshats for sure

    Comment by RobinG | 9 November, 2009 | Reply

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