"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Where Is Politeness?

Is that even a word?  I don’t know and today I don’t care.  I’m not having a bad day and I’m not in a bad mood but in my daily blog hops have seen people being catty with one another.  Is it so important for one person to feel good that they need to make another person feel bad?  Seriously when you check out a blog, tweets, and/or Facebook take a look around and notice the flames.

A blogger blocked me today on twitter.  I figure the assumption was made that I am a witch and wicca but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  However, assumptions should not be made and I should pull up my big girl tiddy widdys and email her to find our why.  Maybe it’s because I tweet too much for my sponsors but to my defense she too is a mommy blogger and doing posts for her sponsors as well.

Next I run through my big list of flaws.  It is a huge list and I don’t mark off the items as quickly as I should but I don’t kid myself that they aren’t there either.  I do always have good intentions and it’s not that I get side tracked it’s that there are truly not enough hours in a day.

So if it makes you feel good to be mean to others or to start them flames please take an inward look and see what is making you so miserable that you need to pass it on.





1 November, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. You tell em!! Isn’t the point of all this to meet new people and share new things? So if it is a voluntary,why don’t those who have issues,just take them elsewhere? I agree with you, I am just starting in blogging,but have won lots of great things and I feel we should respect those who take their time to create all the posts we are haunting.I will admit,even I have been rude to people elsewhere before,but try to avoid it in bloggyland.

    Comment by hollowsins-amanda | 1 November, 2009 | Reply

  2. I am new to blogging and haven’t (yet) run into this issue but my thoughts are this: You have this blog because you ENJOY it. I ENJOY IT. If others want to be catty, then they shouldn’t read your blog. Don’t let others individual issues put a bad taste in your mouth. There are always bad apples in the bunch as my mom would say. Do what you love and Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Kendal Hall | 2 November, 2009 | Reply

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