"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Did You Really Think We Would Let This Day Pass With Out a Post?



We may not really be witches but we still enjoy Halloween.  It is a cold blustery day here.  We took our kids to the Bay Harbor Club for Trunk or Treating.  It was a cute idea.  I will let it slide this year that there weren’t a lot of trunks and that for a VERY wealthy place that the stores gave out 1 sweet tart to each child but only because it was the first year.  The people with parked cars and candy in the trunks were very generous and giving out king sized bars.  It was cold though as it is right on Lake Michigan.  We have huge waves busting over the break wall.

Right now my husband and his friend have the kids in town (also on Lake Michigan) trick or treating.  I asked him on the phone if it was cold and lets just say his jaw couldn’t stop chattering to say yes and to tell me to shut up lol.    My daughter is the green alien star trek girl.  I really hope that paint comes off by Monday or my vain child will be having a hissy fit.  My boys are ready to hit as many houses as possible and already thinking of places to hide their booty.

I have a husband in love with Halloween and I on the other hand hate it.  It’s like kids playing dress up.  My kids have more his gene pool than mine.


Happy Halloween!



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