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Why Buy The Cow When You Can Get The Milk For Free

With all of the cuts in our households there are places that we find hard to cut.  Things like internet subscriptions that you used to pay for most can now be found free.  Facebook has created so many applications that are fun to do and you can play with family and friends, while at the same time monitoring who your children are interacting with.

My kids love Farm Town.  They had a subscription another website and they finally begged me out of money with tickets, coins, and avatars.  Mind you Farm Town is simple but fun just the same.  They are playing for free and with friends and family that I approve of.

Many of the sites kids play on take big servers to run the site and thus setting them up for lag and fail.  People are not reimbursed for the time lost when you child cannot play.  I do however like Webkinz too.  You get a stuffed plush as well as a code so that you can play on their site.  This too has settings that can be set to what you feel is safe for your child.  My youngest plays with his school friends and since they’ve all been out with the flu this has been a nice treat for them.

When your child is playing on a virtual world, facebook, or gaming sites are you watching them?  Do you know what is going on?  If the staff takes them seriously or if there is staff,  if they enforce their own Terms of Use?  Do you know if the staff is polite or if they are rude and make comments not appropriate for children?

There are so many great sites that are free & offer safety parental controls and just as stable as your paid sites.  Those of you that can play online with your child.  Youwill know what is going on and that your family is safe.  Make sure that what is advertised is what you get.



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