"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Love and Hate

Who ever said there is a fine line between love and hate couldn’t be more dead on.  Our whole house has the flu but in different stages.  Thankfully, its not the “throw uppies” it’s just the lovely cough and cold symptoms.    School here has been out for it and many more are closing.


I am the last in our house to come down with this of course.  I’m so thankful to I have the kids to listen to.  All the fighting and screaming feels lovely on my sick head.  If I hear “MOOOOOOM” one more time I swear I’m changing my name and not telling them what I changed it to.


My 16 year old is helping greatly with putting laundry in the wash and my 12 year old is great at switching said loads. My 7 year old on the other hand is talented as well.  He has the talent of knocking the clean and folded laundry over and then yelling “ITS ALWAYS MY FAULT”.


Ok that’s the bad.  The love part is that the kids have been playing board games.  Usually the game ends when a fight ensues but that’s ok because for 1 hour they built a memory.  I remember being sick and playing board games with my siblings and it brings on good memories.


The pets are happy that all of the masters are home and are rotating kids and mom.  The fact that pets are brought into nursing homes and to teach kids to read is a reminder of how much they bring to our lives.

Lastly, I hate being sick but it is really nice to have a sweet hubby to take care of me, and my kids around for hugs and cuddles.


PS:  I have the remote held hostage its mine all mine <said with an evil witch sneer and laugh>


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