"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

In A Mood


“Honey, you should have seen the spider in the toilet. I couldn’t kill it, so I just flushed it.Big ole’ thing.”

Thanks. A lot. I could have gone the rest of my life and not cared to know that. Now, every single time I walk into the bathroom, I have visions of large furry spiders hiding under the seat. Maybe I should make him walk me to potty, and check the bathroom for critters every time I have to go. He’ll think twice about his information.

I feel like I should be wearing a hyper color shirt. Do you remember those? I always wanted one, but never got one. I’d love to have one even now. Socks, hyper color socks. That would be cool. Yah.

hypercolorI believe they should make a come back. Hey! I never claimed to be a fashion guru. I am, who I am. :) And I want hypercolor. lol Enjoy that bad visual. Hand in hand with the huge furry spider.

And my advice for today is:

If you can’t say something nice, DON’T say anything at all.



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