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Kaskey Kids Sports Action Figures

Review, with the possibility of a giveaway.

Kaskey Kids Sports Action Figures for imaginary play

FJ, over at sent us a set of Football Guys for review.

Football Guys come complete with a field, 2 goals, and the ref. Pretty cool, that tucked inside, nice and neat are instructions and playbook for FootBall Guys. Everything comes nice n’ tidy in plastic bucket, with a handle, and lid. The “field” is much larger than I originally expected, and it’s of course marked with white field lines. Ready, set, play! It’s ready to line up your Football Guys and play to your hearts desire.

One feature I like about Football Guys is that it encourages kids to use their imagination during play! So many toys are lined with bells, and whistles that it does the playing for our kids, and of course they get bored quick with that.

Buy it:

Football Guys: Green vs. Black

Set includes:

  • 26 2″ players
  • 1 referee
  • 2 goalposts
  • 24″x 36″ washable felt field
  • 10″x 6″x 5″ stackable container with attached lid and handle

At the begining of my review, I said “review with the possibility of a giveaway”. So here’s the thing. Kaskey Kids may offer our readers one of their products, but in order to do that, they want to know that you have read my review. Give Kaskey Kids a visit, and look over. I’m pretty confident that you’ll enjoy their products, and the layout of their site. It’s easy to navigate, and easy to read. No odd colors on dark backgrounds.

If you aren’t pleased enough by now with Football Guys, you really should check out their site. They have Gals also! You don’t have to take my word for it, view their Fan Photo’s, and let the pictures tell you.

Kaskey Kids site, has “Ways To Play” listed. It’s really cute ideas on other games to use with your guys or gals.

From a fellow parent, he’s taking apart football guys now, and playing. I had just put them away. It’s kind of fun to watch another adult play with toys. I have been accused more than once of “only having kids, so I’d have someone to play with”. That’s kind of true, and we have loads of fun! As a big kid myself, I’m falling in love with Kaskey Kids. Take a look around on their site, I’m sure you’ll not only enjoy their toys, but their tips, and games as well.

Kaskey Kids – About Kaskey Kids Imaginary Play Toys

Leave us a comment, let’s let Kaskey Kids know we would love to see a giveaway! Join Kaskey Kids on Facebook, and leave them a note letting them know that NetWorkingWitches sent you over!



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