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This Is How All Companies Should Treat Consumers

A few days ago, I posted here, about having won on Jabbering Jessi’s blog. We won a costume from

Wait, before I go any further, I want to make this clear. has not directly sent me anything at all. I won from entering another blog review and giveaway. And as of posting this, nothing has even been received at this point.

Ok on with my story, I’m really rather proud of this, it’s great to rave about a company, but many of us don’t get to do it often enough.

We have a tough time finding things to fit my daughter. She’s overweight. And no, before someone says something ugly, she’s not morbidly obese. We haven’t ran around with cookies hanging out of our mouths since she was born or anything of the sort.

Halloween costumes are one of the hardest things to shop for. Everything is cute, and perfect for what she’d love to wear, but it won’t fit. Most often, it’s in the bust area. Like me, she has a wide back. Well I let Jessica know, and I had missed one important part. That the costume giveaway was for child or teen. So we changed our choices a few times. As we all know I have multiple email issues, and in turn missed an email from Jessica. She was just thrilled. Telling me that was allowing my daughter to choose ANY costume that she likes from their site, up to $75. Make special note here. I missed the email from Jessica.

If I missed the email, how did I know that she could choose any costume, up to $75? and Meredith went the EXTRA MILE! Jessica had already sent my shipping information along to Meredith, and she in turn called us. She was concerned with getting my daughters costume choice out to her, in plenty of time for Halloween. As if that wasn’t enough, my daughter had nearly flipped me over backwards in the recliner, while I was on the phone with Meredith. Meredith made sure the costume gloves were shipped with the costume for my daughter as well.

That IS customer service.

My daughter has been sick since Friday evening, this was a real bright moment in  her day. She quickly headed for the desktop to start scouring costumes for around the 10th time. You see, all of our previous choices, we were afraid it wouldn’t fit her. Seems a lot of clothing is made for dainty girls. That’s wonderful, however in the real world, not all girls are dainty.

Thank you Meredith, and thank you! You made my daughter’s day, and that means you made mine too. You went the extra step to make sure she was taken care of. 2 Thumbs up, and 5 stars to you all. Thanks goes out to Jabbering Jessi for hosting the review, and giveaway on her blog. This has been a wonderful experience! I’ll be posting pictures around Halloween of my darling in her costume.

I’d like to ask, if you … our readers would add AnytimeCostumes to your twitter, and send a tweet thanking them for going out of their way for us, their customers. If you do, this,  please go to each giveaway you have entered, and add one extra entry, with the tweet link. Be sure to leave a comment in the giveaway what you did, with the link or the extra won’t count. Limit one bonus AnytimeCostume entry per giveaway.

Have a happy and safe halloween.




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  1. I am so glad it is all working out for her and I cannot wait to see pictures of her in her costume. Thanks again to Meredith for making sure everything went smoothly and that this little girl got the costume she wanted.

    Comment by Jessica | 15 October, 2009 | Reply

    • Thanks for stopping by Jessica, it’s been a pleasure having found your blog!

      Comment by Rose RedNeckWitch | 15 October, 2009 | Reply

  2. I am glad that they took care of your daughter. I had the same problem with my daughter ,when you aren’t a size 2 its tough to find anything cute. I so glad they went the extra mile,it nice when companies do that!

    Comment by Peggy Gorman | 24 October, 2009 | Reply

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