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Pencil Me In Cosmetics



Pencil Me In Cosmetics, sent us 3 eye liner pencils for review.

Healthy Eye Liner Pencils. Yes, I said healthy. Infused with vitamins, and anti-oxidants. Eco Conscious & Environmentally friendly. Isn’t that neat? I like it. Pencil Me In Cosmetics is heavily pigmented eye liner pencils. I’m so picky when it comes to eye liner. I can make do with the other makeup, but not for eyne liner pencils. I just won’t settle. As soon as the eye pencils from Pencil Me In Cosmetics arrived, I was pretty eager to give them a try. I really didn’t expect how smooth they applied. I chose 24 Karat, Sky Sparks, and Jet Sparks. I like a little hint of sparkle or glitter, but not too much. I really feel like these left me with just that. My own in between.

We had some errands to take care of after applying the eye liner, and I was surprised 5 hours later when I returned home, and I was still wearing Sky Sparks.

I had 2 reservations about these eye liner pencils. 1-) The sparkle on them, I was concerned it would flake or chip, and get in my eye. Nope, has not happened one time. And 2-) Each eye liner pencil has a sharpener built into the lid. Which leaves a small hole in each one, I was afraid it would dry out. Again, has not happened. I have left this out for around 2 weeks.

For a long time I wasn’t a fan of trying other eye liner colors. Now I’m hooked. I actually used the the Sky Sparks, and Jet Sparks color pencils to use for eye liner, and a shadow. I was pretty pleased with myself that it worked, and rather nicely. The color stuck with me all day.

Leaving us with an eye liner pencil, with a built in sharpener. If you lose the sharpener you’ll lose the lid. I have countless numbers of sharpeners … running around, none to be found. I’m in love with the sharpeners on these!

Pencil Me In Cosmetics is also used for Graff*Etching, with the vivid, bright colors offered from Pencil Me In Cosmetics, I can see the color lasting. Graff*Etching is the trend for lining your hair pattern with color.

I’ll be adding the 30 Piece Set to my Christmas Wish List.

From their site:

Each eyeliner pencil shade provides long lasting consistent color. Layering and/or smudging the shades for a sexy finish is also recommended. The eyeliner pencil core is creamy but firm so the points don’t break easily. Application is silky smooth without pulling the delicate skin around your eyes.  “pencil me in” eye accent pencils, the newest “green” cosmetic!


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