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Advertising With Bloggers Is Not A Waste Of Breath!


I was just on a few different boards.  I’m not going to name sites but here is the gist of what I read.  That the people with product do not give their items away and that they are not paying for shipping nor giving away their products and they went on and on with gripes.

Here is the thing.  People do not know your product is out there if you don’t advertise in some way.  Most people are willing and able to sacrifice product and a give away item but not actually pay cash to advertise.  They went on to say that it must be nice to sit back and get stuff for free and that reviewers are bottom feeders.

I want to say that this job is not easy.  It takes a lot of time and effort to post the items and to do an honest review.  Redneck Witch and I have only been doing reviews and giveaways going on 2 months.  We pride ourselves in publishing honest reviews and working hard to publicize the sponsors products and name.

We twitter, we take the time to make a thoughtful post and not just shoving  items out there as if a sponsor had taken a number.  Some sponsors are more generous than others with us and with the users reading the review and giveaway posts.  I have patronized many that had I not found them on giveaway blogs wouldn’t have known they were out there.  I do agree that some of the sponsors are not treated well, and if a sponsor ever thought we had been dishonest or not properly represented them that they would tell us and allow us to make it right.

One sponsor that will be published soon makes the most adorable and useful item I’ve seen in a long time.  I am very happy to give her space on Networking Witches.  She supplied a test product and a giveaway item and in return I will write her item up with care.  I will also add her to our blogroll and her button to our .com site.  We will twitter her giveaway daily and hope that it will send business her way but if not that it will let people know her items are out there and they will seek her out at a later date.

I’m sorry to say the users bashing bloggers were also informing newbies that we are a waste of breath.  Bloggers are a really cheap and efficient way to advertise.  With Christmas coming the more publicity that a sponsor can get the better.



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  1. I like your post. It was well wrote out and says what it needs to without being aggressive. I agree with you though, I think that this whole thing falls into the “A few bad apples spoiled the whole bunch” or what not. There are some bloggers that are just in it for the ‘free’ stuff. You can usually tell which ones those are from those that take time to do their reviews/giveaways with honest reviews. Again, great article.

    Comment by Brandy | 14 October, 2009 | Reply

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