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Fevers & Sick Kids

Oy vey! It’s been a long few days around here for me. Sis has a fever that does not want to go down! 103-104. Flu, strep, and pneumonia are all negative. Mild ear infection, but they said it wasn’t enough to ’cause fever like this. He said he wouldn’t rule out the flu because it’s pretty common for that test to be wrong. One thing I know is something is brewing. She’s ran a fever since Friday, and it’s been a monster to get down, and keep down. Once the fever goes down, she’s gabby and visibly feeling better. But not a lot of action from her right now. The fever just won’t stay down, even with bath’s and showers, and medicines.

I talked to her teacher, to let her know she was worried about her book club! That’s covered. And she’s not worried about her falling behind in class, because she’s a hard worker. I won’t even try this time to have them to send her work home, she’s just not up for it. Seems lots of kids are being sent home sick, and out sick from several classes.

She did threaten the nurses and Dr., that she was NOT getting a shot. She told them she’d let them draw blood, but NO SHOTS! If they come close for a shot she was grabbing her clothes and running. I do believe we would not have been able to catch her in the hospital gown, and green polka dotted panties. lol

She had a bad experience with a dentist, and now she has a huge fear of Dr.’s and nurses. She thinks they are going to sneak attack her, and her guard stays up so high that it raises her vitals. What a mess! She did calm down once they reassured her that they would let her know what they were doing before they did it. However, she still grilled them when they entered, and would even flinch when just taking an oral temperature.

She reminded me of my husband saying “If they don’t hurry up, I AM putting my clothes on and LEAVING. We have been here way too long. This is just crazy.”

She was so serious, that well … it was funny. I could visualize her running, hospital gown flapping, and those polka dotted panties a blur running out of there.

She remained furious that she had to put a hospital gown on. And every time they put the sticky on her finger to measure her oxygen, as soon as they turned around, she plucked it off. I was tired, and gave up arguing that she needed to leave it on. So they went through several of those.



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  2. I hope your daughter gets well soon.

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