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Where Are Her Wanderings?

I haven’t had time for wanderings. And, I am tired. My 11 year old is sick. Running a temp. on average of 100+, highest so far has been 103.3. She had a Dr.’s appnt. yesterday, but it wasn’t for being sick, it was for her medicine, for the blah bedwetting. I am a little worried because if this new medicine doesn’t work, the Dr. wants her to see a urologist just to be on the safe side. They did a UA on her, and it did show TRACES of blood, she stressed it was traces. She’s also checking kidney function with blood work, as well as diabetes.

Sis, (my daughter) started with just a mild cough and some sniffles late Thursday night. Friday, you could tell she wasn’t feeling well. And around 8:00 P.M. or so, she was running a fever of 101. Ew, blah, gah, and any other noise you can think of to mumble. I hate it when my kids are sick. It’s so exhausting, emotionally and physically.

Poor WinterWitch, it seems when her kids get sick it just circles the whole house one or two of them at a time. I don’t think they are sick this year yet. *knock on wood*

So, that time of the year has struck my house. I now have a wonderful sore throat. You know, the one where you just don’t feel like you can get enough to drink. It hurts a bit to swallow.

We have used extra precautions this year, extra hand sanitizers out here and there, in the car, anti bacterial wipes in the vehicles. Lysol. Bleach. *sigh* I’m worn out.

Since my elderly Mother lives with us it can get hairy to confine us “sickies” to one room, and her to one room to try and prevent her from getting sick. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, I’m worn out.

On a good note, I won from Jabbering Jessi’s Back To Blogging Bash, we won a costume from See her winners post here, 50+ winners are listed here, she has also emailed all of them, so if you entered from any of my postings, be sure to take a peek, and check your email.

Sorry I’m a little scarce right now, as soon as I can get a 2nd wind and keep my daughter’s fever down to something I’m cozy with, I promise to get some more of my reviews up, along with some new giveaways. Be sure to check our giveaways page to see if you entered, or send your daily tweets, and leave your links in the corresponding entry’s.

I really want to thank all of our readers, and our new blogging friends. Some of you have offered us some very wonderful advice. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for entering.

Sorry all, but I’m calling it a night early tonight. With her temperature being hit and miss high, I think I had better get some rest in case I have to sit up with her tonight.


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Giveaways Did you enter all of our current giveaways? Go take a look at my oh so handsome husband in our Curious Chef giveaway. 🙂 lol

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful…. Newest post from WinterWitch today, 10/10/09

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Mind Voting For Us?


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