"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful….


And to my pocketbook it looks just awful!  How are people going to be warm this winter?  They say that the demand for oil is down and that natural gas prices will be down too but I don’t believe it.  I think the oil companies make it up as they go.

We thankfully burn wood.  It is on occasion inconvenient such as first thing in the morning, and on those days that you aren’t home for a full 8 hours or more.  It does keep us warm and it does come in handy.  Especially when the power is out for days on end.  We are also able to cook on our wood burner, I have cast iron for just the occasion.

The people who are warm but want to tell those of us who have to watch our dollars say to turn down the heat and throw on a sweater.  Our heat is off because we squandered our oil over 3 years, so wood is a must.  Many, and I do not exaggerate have their heat at 50.  No amount of sweaters will hide the fact that you can see your breath inside your home.

So what are people to do?  I’m going out on limb here and speculating just by the “locals” in my area that there are very few with insurance, heat, groceries or any comforts most call “needs”.  Today I am a bit bitter, just as the weather that my mom who has no insurance just put her meds on her master card, that my parents one 71 and the other 63 just hauled in a house full of wood (had they told us we would have helped but they don’t want to be a bother), that even though I love winter since writing this post still don’t know how people are going to stay warm.



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