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What Does Home For The Holidays Bring To Mind?


To me it means a movies ideal circumstance.  You know a warm home, crackling fire, perfectly wrapped gifts under the tree etc.  Many people strive for this and I really don’t think it meets every day life.  Every day life for me would be a movie scene of someone trying to keep their home warm, looking for the 1 gift my child wants and frantic because there are only a few days  until Christmas.

The holidays are coming and coming fast.  Halloween isn’t far off and then Black Friday ooops I mean the forgotten holiday Thanksgiving.  Remember the turkey and dressing and all the fixings as your family sits around the table thinking of all the things they are are thankful for?

The economy is hard and before putting yourself into debt that you cannot repay in January or February sit your children down and let them know the meaning of the holidays.  Focus on making the days fun.

Have a potluck party and ask everyone to bring a dish and family friendly video to trade.  Have them bring their kids.  Don’t focus on perfect and Martha Stewart focus on fun.  Most of my best memories as a kid have nothing to do with our financial stature.  My parents always did holiday hopping, going to friends houses for a small party and reciprocating.  It was fun to play with kids who I normally wouldn’t have.  It was fun because my mom made punch w/ a cool jello mold ice cube in the punch bowl.

There are so many fun things that can be done start planning FUN now and how you can pull it off with merriment.  It isn’t the number of gifts, the number will be forgotten.  Its how you celebrate and with who.



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