"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Etiquette & Manners

It’s not really that hard is it? Has it become a foreign concept? Not around our house.

Has etiquette and manners taken a nose dive out back? It really is one of my peeves. Not just aimed at children, but adults alike. What is wrong with saying it? What is wrong with DOING it?


Thank you.

I’m Sorry.

Excuse Me.


Just to name a few.

Nothing is wrong with it.

I see it on Twitter, FaceBook, other blogs, forums, at the grocery store. I see it used, I don’t see it used. I often wonder to myself if parents are teaching their children these small things. As a Mom I try to do my best to “practice when I preach” so to speak.  Do you think these people realize that they are paving a sidewalk of ill manners for their children, or other little ones looking on. To teach these things, you really have to live them as well.

I think it circulates around jealousy, envy, and greed. Toss stereo types in that mix of things.

Sometimes people can act so ugly to others, that you have to take a step back and ask if they even realize what they are doing, or how they make others feel.

Is it a case of “The Jones trying to keep up with The Jetsons”? I simply don’t know. But what I do know is that when you act like an asshat and you are in public, YOU are showing my kids how to act badly and I do not like, or appreciate your ill manners. I try, even when I’m having a horrid day to always use those basic 2  year old taught manners. I do have to lean my thoughts towards others being jealous of this, that, or the other. That evil, green eyed little monster is a horrid little fellar’. Yet he can strike in the best of us. So do us, and yourself a favor, sit back and ask you, what made you act without manners, and how  you can do better next time. As you pass someone and ask how they are doing, mean it. Take a moment to really listen, don’t use it as a gesture of hello. It’s easily done, I have caught myself doing that.

Take an old pillow out back, and whoop the hades out of it. You might just feel better, and present yourself in a better manner.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there a whole Commandment dedicated to a little something along these lines?

My quote of the day:

You don’t have to make someone else feel (or look) like a dump, to make yourself feel better. Try a hot shower or bath.



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