"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Living Simply or Simply Living


Two of my siblings and I are very close but we live different lives.  They live in the city.  The same city in fact and see one another only at family events 4 hours north where my parents and I live.  I live in a small area and my parents live next door.  We are close and see one another almost daily.  My parents and I live simply and must budget everything.  My siblings live well one learning that this economy is bad and simply living.  The other is somewhere in between.

My sister, who has been dirt poor and has scrimped and saved for what seems like forever but in reality is 10 years.  Her saving and thrifty spending is now paying off.  She was able with her husband to get a nice home for a low price due to this economy and go on a nice vacation.  There is NO ONE I am happier for.  I thought I hated her when we were kids but we have grown very close in the last 10 years.

My brother who has always lived well and never known real hard times is scurrying to make ends meet.  I don’t think he knows what living simple is nor do I think he knows the money he could be saving.  I won’t interfere though because I don’t think he would listen and I don’t think that he is willing to change.  So he is falling into the pit of recession with everyone else.

My husband and I went over bills last night.  We pay $10 a month extra in our cable bill for “premium” channels.  We thought about canceling them and went over expenses and found that if we cancel we’d probably spend more renting movies for the family.  As it is we use the DVR and record movies to watch as a family all of the time.

We have cut our pizza night as well and instead are buying the big huge pizza’s in the deli section of Walmart.  The cost of the big pizza is under $10 and feeds the whole family.  Yeah we’re soda addicts here and it is a cutable expense which I’ve learned this week but won’t.  If we cut every single thing in our house then life becomes not just dull and dreary but depressing.  Rearranging our habits is doable though.

My point is there is a happy medium and we all must find it.  We have to have a purpose of living and if we live simply we can.  Life of course isn’t all about things and money but we must have a certain amount of it to live and enjoy living.



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