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No Insurance, A Medical Reality For Families

This is an older post of mine, and having read Mom Trend’s post, she incited me to bring it back.

When you have a working family, often times you don’t qualify for any sort of state/government help. (A hand UP) And lets be honest with ourselves, times are tough. Now if you are stricken with an illness … brace yourself. Because it’s not an easy walk.

If you are fortunate enough to find a Dr. to see you without insurance, it’s going to likely cost around $100 for JUST an “office visit/call”. That isn’t counting any other tests, or prescriptions they may give you. If you are REALLY lucky you might find a Dr. in your area that will see you on a sliding fee scale, based on what your income is. This is where I got lucky. But I was still stuck with the fact that the Dr. had just written me SEVEN new prescriptions. Holy cow. And even with a sliding scale, I don’t feel like I get adequate medical care.

One alone for 3 months is $800.
And the others are very comparable in cost. No way could my family afford this, yet on the other hand, my family can’t afford to lose me either. Talk about being between a rock a hard place.

Here is a few things about prescriptions that I discovered, and have helped me / my family out tremendously. I hope these few things can help your family out as well.

How to get help with your prescriptions.

There are MANY programs that will assist you in making sure you qualify, which level you qualify at, and getting the applications sent in. This is often referred to as Patient Assist. Many drug manufacturers have this, a few that I know of are:

~ Pfizer They have more than one patient assist level. So be sure to ask about the others.

~ Astra Zeneca ships medications via fedex or usps.

~ Ely Lily You often pick these up at the Dr.’s office.

These are literally just a FEW of the MANY drug manufacturers that have programs to help patients.

If it’s a drug / pharmaceutical company and manufactures medicines, CHECK ON PATIENT ASSIST!

And don’t forget the $4 prescriptions at Wal-Mart.

New and transferred prescriptions at K-Mart will land you a $10 gift card. And I think they have a $5 medications list. Do this while they are doubling coupons to $2, and you could walk out of there with the mother load!

Another note for Wal-Mart and K-Mart, ASK your Dr. for a 3 month supply if you are sure you may be taking a certain medicine for that long, it’s $9 for a 3 month supply.

Having been diagnosed with lyme disease and rocky mountain spotted fever in Sept. of 2008, I have found these programs a blessing. Sure it’s sometimes a pain to take care of the paper work, but when a single medication for just a 3 months supply is $900, you easily choose the hassle of paper work.

Schnucks gives free anti-biotics, THIS is AWESOME.

Are there other places that I haven’t mentioned here that help with prescription medications, or offers a perk for new/transferred prescriptions?

Click to visit For Other Tips,Tricks, And Cost Cutting Measures!


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  1. We went through this a few years ago. Doctors get free samples to pass along to their patients, but you have to ask. You end up with about 10 cardboard boxes for a 30 day supply. This is a particularly good source if your script is new drug with no equivalent generics yet.

    Comment by pixie13 | 29 September, 2009 | Reply

  2. I love that you have listed so many great resources for prescription help! I am so frustrated by the health care situation that I have a hard time even writing about it. I hate the whole thing. Something has got to give and quick!

    Comment by Kate | 30 September, 2009 | Reply

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