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Joshua Bell “At Home With Friends” Review

Joshua Bell At Home Cover

When I received my Joshua Bell cd, At Home With Friends, I was in a frantic and panic mood.  The kids had come home from school.  Thrown their book bags on the floor and made a straight line to the kitchen all the time I’m trying to get information out of them and figure out how in the world we were going to get dinner and to all of our destinations.  As I write this I can feel my heart rate increasing thinking back to that day.  My daughter 16, kept bugging me “can I put the cd in mom huh huh can I please?????”  Yes, I yelled and went back to the thoughts swimming in my head.

Almost immediately the mood in the house changed.  The beautiful music had a calming effect on us all.  We all lowered our voices, spoke a little less, and not only enjoyed the music but one another.

Grammy Winning, Joshua Bell’s CD At Home With Friends was released today.  This is a greatly composed cd with friends like Regina Spektor, Josh Groban, Sting, Kristin Chenoweth, Chris Botti, and more.

At Home With Friends wasn’t just well thought of with the “friends” that joined Joshua Bell, the array of music makes it fun to listen to from Broadway, to jazz, classical and more.  The violin seems to speak as it’s played and draws you into the music.

Newsflash:  I was just informed that Joshua Bell will be on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien on October 2nd!!  (Check your local listings for time and channel).


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