"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Take Time To Breathe And Eat An Elephant

This morning I was not prepared for what I woke up to.  The hallway was full of dirty clothes, the livingroom looks  like a toy box blew up, the diningroom table cloth is a nightmare with spilled honey on it, and lastly the kitchen, sigh!  I look at all of this and I’m overwhelmed and angry that the kids didn’t clean up after themselves.  I looked about and didn’t know where to start.  How do you eat an elephant?

I started by brewing a pot of coffee.  You know an iv drip of caffeine has always helped in situations like these.  I look down at the dog who is laying at my feet wagging his tail in a dopey dog style and focus on his food bowl.  What do I see?  Dog treats and not just a few a LOT like oh say maybe we ran out of dog  food and my 7 year old fed him with treats instead.  I go to the garage and yeppers I’m right no dog food.  Enjoy Thomas it’s all you’re getting til this afternoon. Chomp Chomp 2 bites of elephant.

By this time the coffee is just a wee bit done but enough for a cup  (have you ever seen that Kinkos commercial where the man is eating coffee grounds?)  I grab the cup and here I sit.  I have divided this house into sections……

When I get up for more coffee I’m throwing my items for Beef Stew into the crockpot.  There goes another bite of that elephant.

When I get up for more coffee I”m wiping down the bathroom and gathering those dirty clothes from the hallway.  Chomp!  Yep you guessed it another bite down.

My point, it does me no good to whine, cry and get my blood pressure pumped over this.  It does me no good to vow that when the kids get home I’m grounding them for life (grounding is like punishing myself  lol).  Break down all of your overwhelming things into small projects.

If you follow this with your finances as well you will see a dent.  Maybe a small dent but a dent all the same.



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