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Reviews and Giveaways and Thanking Sponsors


I’m wondering how many users buy from our sponsors?  You know when you’re looking for that perfect gift and you just don’t know what to order?  Do you ever scan through these sponsors?  Yesterday I was talking to a sponsor who agreed to offer a giveaway item and she relayed to me that she doesn’t think that supplying a giveaway items justifies the means.

Since I started entering Giveaways *started in August* I have purchased 4 items that were the perfect gift.  I wouldn’t have normally picked these items because I had not been introduced to them.  I would have wandered around aimlessly in a store looking for something.  Instead I was able to pick out a gift with thought and the small business owners were very accommodating.

I have a folder set up in my bookmarks for small business sellers that have something that has caught my eye while doing these entries.  I have let them know when I order that I found them via giveaways and reviews.  Just because someone doesn’t order the moment the giveaway starts doesn’t mean that they will not order later but please let them know how you found them.  Many things I wouldn’t have even known existed with out the Reviews and Giveaways.



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