"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Are you Green?

Someone asked me that yesterday.  The answer is not a straight one.  I think I’m green but she probably doesn’t think I am because she is greener.  We do a lot in our household to make us take note of our natural resources and how important they are to not just our family but to everyone.  Much of the things we have done and not done in our home is due to economics.

We changed all of our light bulbs to the new energy efficient bulbs.  I like these a lot because they save us money on our light bill but what worries me is that they are not friendly to the environment if disposed of in the traditional landfill.  Going green is an education as well as buying green.

Our family recycles because our county has offered free pick up.  We sort the best we can and the kids are expected to help.  When we come across recycled items in the store we point them out and get the kids feedback.  Our pick up people on the other hand are not conscientious they don’t get all of the items into the back of their truck and it leaves litter in the neighborhood.

We have a rather large garden that we eat and share from.  It is free of pesticides.  We compost and composting is not hard.

My point is this:  Going green is not a yes or no question/answer anymore.  It’s education, thinking, teaching and the willingness to change.



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