"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

The City Vs The Country

This last weekend I had to make a trip 4 hours south for my sisters wedding.  She invited a whopping 15 guests.  Unfortunately her wedding was not in my budget nor in my parents budget.  We piled our family of 5 and my parents into our mini van for the ride.  We split the money for gas and we made the best of a bad situation.  This happening thankfully the same weekend my husband had to head to the same city for his yearly company party.

We were able to stay at my brothers a couple of nights and my husband’s company put us up for a night. I purposely made a lot of observations to write this because we live so differently here in the middle of no where..

People living in the city have a whole different look on living.  Clothes are cheaper and I mean a lot. I got a formal dress at JC Penney’s to set my daughter for homecoming for (are you ready for this?) 2.97. I was floored.  She of course had limited choices but she now has a dress she can be proud of.

The farmers market had a bushel of corn for $10 the same amount here would have been in the $15 range.  This doesn’t sound huge but when you put it into your monthly budget it’s $5 that could o somewhere else.

Gas my gosh the gas floored me.  It was .15 cheaper a gallon then here.

The stores double coupons and some were tripling.

All that said the city was noisy, I wasted time waiting at lights so therefore using more gas then I would here.  Much of the food at the farmers market I grow myself at home.  I have a nice yard especially in back where my kids can run and play.  We know our neighbors (even if one side is my parents).  Our community is small and we know almost everyone.  Lastly we move at a slower pace here.  It’s not to say we don’t work hard because we do but we work hard physically and the city folks mostly in offices, factorys, and cashier positions (which is hard work too).

I am so happy to be home and not running to run somewhere and nothing is sweeter or more satisfying than home.


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