"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

What Will I Do?

Winter is away. I’m bored. She is my Pogo pal, we talk all day long. Literally! I’m going to be so lost. lol But she’s going to have a wonderful time! Please wish her safe travels.

Winner’s of the Pogo Pass have been announced. 🙂

So, since Winter isn’t around for me to gab with, I’m going to look around and find other blog giveaways. 🙂 They are lots of fun. Don’t you agree?

So, stay tuned. I’ll update this post as I find new giveaways for today, 9/17.

KiddieCorner DealsGot Milk Prize Pkg. Ends 9/18

KiddiesCorner DealsCrazy Baby Clothing Ends 9/21

Misson Mommy – Mr. Pumpkin Head From PartyLites Ends 9/30

Ok, I entered a few giveaways. And as I sit here thinking … (not always a good thing) … about anal people. All uppity, and think they are high and mighty. *sigh* When the truth is, no one is better than anyone else. It’s like …… equal value. And as I sit here, and think, I realize  that this last week (ok fine, month or so) I have let anal people get under my skin, and get the best of me, (even that lady on Etsy that I’m telling ALL of my friends to stay away from ’cause she’s anal) and I really shouldn’t let their antics bother me. So are anal people making me anal at the same time? Not the same kind of anal, but a defensive kind of anal. (is it even legal to use the word anal this many times?)

Oh geez, perhaps I just need some toilet paper.

Won’t you be glad when Winter returns? lol

Please remember that your comments will not appear right away under any post, so be patient, they will show eventually. I’m off for the night dearies. I’m not feeling well, and the bed is calling my name. And I think I need to stock up on toilet paper (must find coupons), and stop letting those anal people (even that gal on etsy) bother me. And I seriously will not buy from you lady. You are way too uptight. She KNOWS who she is. lol Icky people.

*shakes it off*



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