"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Getting Ready For Even Small Holidays

Those of us with kids know the hype of holidays big and small.  My kids are so excited for Halloween right now they can barely contain themselves.  Decorating will make you feel good and thrill your kids.  You don’t need a lot of money.

I buy window clings.  They usually run $1 a sheet and I get 2 for my sliders.  This year I got 1 Fall and 1 Halloween.  I put them up together  and when the holiday is over I will take down the Halloween ones and add Thanksgiving.

I have a couple of vases and have faux flowers I’ve picked up at sales.  I have a fall, winter, spring and summer set of each.  Since it’s fall I have my fall leaves out.  I have a bit of potpourri oil and I put a bit on a cotton ball and wipe it on the fake leaves.  This gets the dust off and makes them smell good

I grew gourds in the garden and have put them in a large strainer on my dining table as a center piece.

Do you have pumpkins?  Put them around outside the house for a bit of spirit.

We have also accumulated misc items over the years and I will have those out soon but some of the items are things the kids made in school.  Little sucker ghosts are really cute to hang up and a stick vampire sits in the vase w/ my fall flowers.

Look around, use your imagination and most of all use what you have.


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