"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Its Nice To Be Free and Its Free To Be Nice


I visited a good friend today because she broke her leg.  We’re talking surgery and all sorts of things and she’s laid up for a good 8 weeks.  She was really happy to see me and I was glad to see she was doing well.  That was free and being a good friend (wait wait there is a moral to this I promise).  However leaving my home to go to her was nice that I was free to do it.  We’re talking things the normal person doesn’t think about.  I was free to go because there was a bit of gas in the car, because I work from home, and lastly I was free to go because I made the time in my schedule.

I must remind myself of this because being rather poor or broke however you wish to say it I am comfortable not leaving the house.  I rarely go anywhere unless I have to.  I feel like I’m wasting time and money.  I have it in my head I’m going to join curves because it’s only 1 mile away and it would cause a small impact on my family (ugh I got side tracked).

Back to my point.  It is nice to be free but to feel free you do not need money and things.  It’s how you think of your life and the person you want to be.  It’s also free to be nice to others.  I saw some rich children and I mean very rich in church.  They were pointing at the people with disabilities and other issues and laughing.  I almost thicked them in the back of the head and instead prayed for them and for the disabled.

Money does not give you permission to mistreat others.



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