"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Do I Use Coupons? YES ~*~ Doesn’t That Cause Impulse Buying? NO

Do I Use Coupons? YES Doesn’t that Cause Impulse Buying? NO

Yes, I use coupons.  Here are some thoughtful and polite ways to use them.

1.  Always make your grocery list and then comb the sale papers to see if any of it is on sale.  Then match up the sale items with your coupons.  If the generic is still cheaper go with the generic.
2.  If an item is free after the coupon and you do not need the item buy it anyway and then donate it to a shelter or food pantry.
3.  When stocking up on items make sure you are getting them at a price to stock up.
4.  Never take all of an item.  If the items are free and there are 20 on the shelf  it is polite to leave 10.

Ways to stop the impulse buying.

1.  The biggest money waster is impulse buying.  You know that cool stuff by the register that you don’t really need but it looks cool?  Or what about that toy your son just HAS to have or your daughters need for a new lipstick when you haven’t had a new one in 3 months?

2.  Always make a list.  I usually make more than one.  I make one for Walmart, the local grocer, Walgreens, and Rite Aid.  I don’t have any of the other stores here.  I staple the list and the coupons to the store flyers.  But most of all stick to the list.

3.  Do you rebate?  I can get double plays too.  This is where you get the item free and then there is a rebate for a partial reimbursement or a full reimbursement.  Then you are being paid for the item.  I have an account set up that I put all of my rebates in and I put the money towards Christmas.

So what are your thoughts on this on coupons and rebating?


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