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School Lunches

Oh what a pain in the rear it is to make my kids lunches.   I don’t particularly like the kitchen and I really do not like making lunches.  It is redundant and I feel like I’m letting my kids down giving them the same old same old.  Being the grateful person I am I try to just be thankful we have food to include in their lunches.  Right now it isn’t so bad as a lot of it is coming from our garden.

I’ve searched the internet and all kinds of magazines who say use a cookie cutter and make it appetizing to look at.  Who has that kind of time?  Besides I just made a mess when I tried it (yes dear readers I got desperate).  I tried getting different types of jams and that didn’t go over well.  Forget the always on sale grape jelly my kids hate it.  They like strawberry, I like apple, and my husband usually swallows his food whole so doesn’t get a vote.

I’ve tried the old faithfuls egg salad, chicken salad, tuna and ham salads.  Although the kids eat it they complain it makes the bread soggy.  My answer to that was to pack crackers instead *ding*ding*ding* we have a winner.  That is one of their favorites.  The also really like it when I pack a lunch of grapes, cheese, crackers, carrot sticks.

I can tell you that unless you qualify for free lunches or reduced lunches this is the way to go.  Packing is much cheaper and here are some ideas to make it cheaper (yeah coupons too lol)

Buy a bag of chicken legs get a large and I do mean large soup kettle and start them boiling.  I skin mine because I want them less fatty.  After they boil and cool pick the meat off and put it into sandwich sized baggies and freeze all but 1.  Take the chicken stock from the legs boiling and pour into freezer containers or I save the tall ones from the deli and fill them up leaving a bit of room for expansion.  Then I freeze them all for later use.  Use the baggie you have to make chicken salad.

My kids love Veggie Roll Ups.  I take tortillas and spread cream cheese on them, then we add their favorite assortment of veggies and roll them up and cut in 1/2.

I usually include chips or a baggie of baby carrots.  I also include a snack item like a granola bar, cereal bar or Ho Ho 😉

For drinks they can usually pick a bottle of water (we recycle the bottles), juice, kool aid etc.  Drinks are the biggest pain in the behind.  If I send them to school they don’t stay cold and If I freeze them first they usually don’t thaw in time for their lunch.

I have on occasion sent soup and left overs in a Thermos as well and sometimes in this cold Michigan weather that’s a nice change.



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