"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

I’m The RedNeckWitch

I come up with my nickname from Winter’s, we wanted them to correspond with another. However, I found out that on most sites I find, my name is TAKEN! Go figure. I mean really … how many RedNeckWitches are out there? lol Well just for the record, there’s no hocus pocus here unless it’s catfish bait.
Well the truth of it is, we did want our names to correspond, and it’s so ….. politically incorrect, that I couldn’t resist it. And I usually get at least a 2nd glance when I use it. Not that I want to draw attention, I just want to catch your attention, and if you’re reading this, then I think we may have succeeded.

We live in a rural area, and do many of the “country” kinda’ things to do. Fishing, hunting, riding four wheelers, own 4 wheel drive, AND we know what the 4 wheel drive is for, and when to use it, and not to use it. LOL

Winter and I did work for a beast of a site, (for lack of an uglier word) that drained nearly 2 years from us. And when I say drain, I mean d r a i n! And I could tell you some very colorful stories about it.
You’d think they would get bored of our “lowly mom selves”, however … they don’t. And curiosity gets the best of them. Anyway, that’s muddy water under the bridge.

I guess all in all I probably complain a lot, which is due to lyme disease, and rocky mountain spotted fever. If you don’t know what those are, good. But for informational purposes I’ll tell you a bit, then you can search it. lol Both are bacterias, and are transmitted via a tick bite. It goes without saying that it’s been a long year. A year ago Sept. is when I was diagnosed.

As I said earlier, we live in a rural area. I think we are rather simple. And I like it simple. I like nice things, but our lives don’t revolve around nice things. I think I can safely say we are very down to earth.
Between us we have 3 kids. His son, from a previous marriage, is  21, and my 2 kids from a previous marriage are a 15 year old boy, and an 11 year old girl. They truly are the apple’s of our eyes.
My Mother lives with us, and I’m her caregiver. She has a lot of umm, “trying” days with me. I have no regrets, but it can be very difficult.
We have 4 little dogs, commonly referred to, by others in a non loving manner as “ankle biters”, we have one outside dog, a blue heeler, he’s a real doll. And one really fat cat. Oh, and fish. Remind me sometime to tell you how to thin out fan tailed guppies without being cruel, and without upsetting an 11 year old.

Ok, enough about me. Welcome to our site, I’m happy to “meet” you. If you want to ask me any questions, please feel free! I won’t mind.



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