"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

From The Outside Looking In

From the outside looking in everyone’s life looks like a breeze and they are so very lucky.  But instead of looking inside go inside.  It’s hard to get accepted into “cliques” if you will.  You put your own limitations on YOU!  It is hard to get into a clique where you feel wanted and feel your needs are met.

There are a lot of very wealthy moms in my area.  They all smile and nod and give you a pleasantry.  I always nodded and went about my business never stopping to chat.  What would ME a poor sloppily dressed mom have in common with them and WHY on earth would they want to be my friend.

Then there are the moms with the falling apart cars.  The moms who you pray for because you’re afraid their “rust bucket” won’t get them home.  What lovely people they are but they earn everyone’s pity.  Their children frequently have colds and illnesses.  Lots of times don’t have the winter clothing necessary for my area.  They both work but can’t make ends meet.

I grew up with the wealthy families.  I now live in the later.  I will tell you this all of the inferiority is in your HEAD!  Money does that to you.  Here is some common ground with school starting that will help you find some common ground and maybe not worry they are thinking about MONEY.

Both are cutting back.  The economy has hit everyone.
Both love their babies as much as the other.
Both want the best for their families.
Both need support and caring and sometimes a hug.
Everyone has the same basic needs do not be afraid to show our fellow moms a bit of support.
When someone offers help it’s ok to accept it.

IF you don’t break the chain you will pass the attitude down to your children.


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  1. Nice post and words of wisdom, thank you.
    There really is no difference, is there? How can there be? How could a piece of paper and acquisitions that can be burnt in a fire change who we are?

    I think the only difference that money makes is the ability to go new places and do new things. Money allows me to offer my child piano lessons and buy him a piano. It breaks my heart to think that somewhere there is a child whose fingers NEED to be on the keyboard.
    My son was telling his classmates about a play he was recently in and 2/3 of the class admitted to never having been to see a play. THAT is what’s sad. The prohibitive cost of mere entertainment makes it difficult for those with fewer pieces of paper to experience culture.

    I’m like you, I’ve been on both sides and I think that only when one has been, can one clearly see that there really is no difference between “us” and “them”.

    I’m done!

    Comment by mannequin | 28 August, 2009 | Reply

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