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Review and Giveaway: Trix Swirls® (ends 8/26)
Posted on August 14th, 2009 by Deb
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Both my husband and I grew up on the sweet, sugary cereals like General Mills’ Trix, Lucky Charms and more. And it’s been fun to be able to share these childhood favorites with our own kids (along with a whole bunch of new favorites as well). We don’t let our girls eat sugary cereals on a regular basis – but they are thrilled to be able to have them once in a while for a special treat or incentive. For example, my hubby night-time potty trained our oldest by letting her have a bowl of Trix for breakfast if she was dry when she woke up. She potty trained at nighttime almost immediately. 😉

My husband eats cereal not only just for breakfast, but also as a bedtime snack – and often for dinner as well, if he gets home from work late. And one of his favorites has always been Trix. That ‘silly rabbit’ is a staple in our cupboard and I can’t hardly think of a grocery shopping trip where I didn’t have a box or two of Trix in the cart. Lately though, it’s been the new Trix Swirls® instead.

What they are:

trix-swirls Trix Swirls® is a new limited-edition of this childhood favorite, which combines two mouthwatering fruity colors into every fun puff. The fruity combos include lemony green, berry berry blue, and rasporangey orange. Fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals, made from whole grain, Trix is also a good source of calcium.

Courtesy of General Mills and MyBlogSpark, we received a Trix Swirls® Creative Kid gift basket that included a box of Trix Swirls® along with a colorful apron, a set of watercolor pencils, watercolor paints, brushes, a sketchbook, and an art supply box.

Here’s my our take on them:

I don’t know what the girls were more excited about – the box of cereal, or the art supplies. They absolutely love to paint, and immediately set to work with the paints, pencils and brushes. Having a book of good-quality paper for painting on has been wonderful too – I’m usually mopping up paint on my table and countertops that’s soaked through the paper, but not now. 🙂



In order to forestall an argument between the older girls over the apron, I declared that it would be ‘too small’ for either of them and bestowed it upon my youngest. A little white lie – but one that’s made my life a whole lot easier. My three little artists have been having so much fun with the painting supplies – especially the watercolor pencils that make a wonderful-looking design when you brush water over it. We’d never worked with those before.

GirlsPainting-TrixSwirls_001 GirlsPainting-TrixSwirls_007

It’s so much fun to watch them paint and see how each of the girls has her own style. My oldest loves to fill up her paper as quickly as possible and move on to the next, while my 6-year-old takes her time and is very thorough about making her picture exactly the way she wants it. My youngest so far is just happy to be allowed to paint with the ‘big girls’ and making swirls and squiggles on the paper.

GirlsPainting-TrixSwirls_006 GirlsPainting-TrixSwirls_003


With all of the fun colors to work with, it was inevitable that rainbows became the picture of choice for a while – both with the paints and the pencils.




Now don’t think that the painting completely eclipsed their excitement over being able to have the treat of a bowl of Trix Swirls cereal! They happily sat down to eat breakfast the next day and ate a full bowl each. And have been asking for it pretty much every morning since. 🙂

AbbyEatingTrixSwirls HannahEatingTrixSwirls_002 BeccaEatingTrixSwirls_002


The bottom line:

The limited edition Trix Swirls® cereal is a fun new take on an ‘old’ favorite. I can see that ‘silly’ rabbit doubling and tripling his effort to get some Trix for himself – and my girls are just about as crafty in their begging and pleading as well.


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