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My Organized Chaos & HANA Giveaway

HANA; Mini Flat Iron and Shineshield
Back in June, I had reviewed the Hana Mini flat iron. It’s a compact iron that easily extends, so it’s the ideal iron for taking it on-the-go. Plus, I think it also works great! Now, when you find a great styling tool that you want to keep looking clean and new, it needs to be taken care of properly.

HANA makes a Styling Iron Cleaner, which is a professional cleaner for Gold, Titanium and Tourmaline surfaces. It is designed to effectively remove caked or burnt-on reside from styling tools. After all, you won’t want to scrape away residue with anything that might scratch and ruin your styling tool!

The Styling Iron Cleaner works as it says it should, and it does it with a simple wipe. I was surprised that this cleaner didn’t have a chemical scent to it (like I had assumed it would). Instead, it smells like all of my other salon-brand shampoos. Smells great…but, it’s still a cleaner! Yet, if any of this cleaner gets missed by the cloth I use to wipe after I clean with this cleaner – it’s great to know that my hair won’t have that harsh-chemical scent to it.


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