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Gobs of Giveaways & Skin Candy Giveaway

Skin Candy – Review & Giveaway

Thanks to Skin Candy I was able to try out so many products from their store. Are you ready for me to name them all? Okay, here goes! Triple Treat Lotion, Foaming Whipped Sugar Scrub, Moisturizing Sugar Scrub, Crystal Clear Shower Gel, Hair Mask, Body Mist, Monster Go Away Spray, Lip Scrub and Lip Balm. Skin Candy also sent me numerous lotion samples. Whew! It nearly took me a whole week to try each one out, but they are all fabulous! Since I did receive so many items from Skin Candy, I picked my 3 favorites to tell you about.

Right when I opened the package I was impressed. There were 2 bags wrapped beautifully and chuck full of Skin Candy!

The very first thing I tried right out of the sack was the Triple Treat in Polynesian Red, Pink Sugar and Lime Sugar and it was heaven! I couldn’t believe the smell and it lasted for hours. It also was very smooth and soft and made my hands feel like silk! I use it almost everyday on my hands, my legs, my arms and everyday I still love the smell. I feel that since it has 3 different flavors involved each day that I use it the scent changes. This is perfect for me because I will find a lotion that I must have and after about day 10, I am ready for a change.:)

I had never used Lip Scrub before, but it’s a lot like lip balm in a jar only way more intense. I was able to try out the Lip Balm in Peppermint (Skin Candy, how did you know Peppermint was my favorite?:) and it feels like lotion for your lips; making them feel refreshed and tingly.

Now, M actually got to try this last one out. Monster Go Away Spray in Monkey Farts Scent!:) M doesn’t have a problem with thinking there are monsters under her bed now, but I bet in a couple of years we will be using the heck out of this spray! I love the concept behind this as it will be a product that M, or B for that matter, can use by themselves and I won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals being around them. And since we received Monkey Farts…that will surely scare any bad guy away and let my children have a nice, peaceful slumber.

Thanks Skin Candy for all the hard work you have done for my family and myself. You have wonderful products for all members in the family!

About Skin Candy:

Hi everyone! My name is Melissa. I started Skin Candy in April 2008. My husband and I own a dog daycare in Allentown, Pa ( I’m a HUGE reader and one day my husband said to me, “you need a real hobby”. Yep, he said that! Well, as any good wife would do when their husband says something like that………I ignored him. Went about my life with the dogs and my books.

I work with dogs…I can’t wear make-up because it’s licked off by 9am. I can’t wear jewelery because I’m afraid to poke a dog’s eye out with my rings. I can’t wear nice clothes because hey….I work with dogs…but dammit, I CAN smell pretty!

So one day, after spending over $100 at Bath & Body Works (the great semi-annual sale no less) and not caring for the way it moisturized my skin (just call me alligator legs) I started thinking, “I wonder if I can do this better?” …. and then the husband’s words of “you need a real hobby” came to me and I was OFF!!!!

Now mind you, I started off making stuff just for me but everyone kept commenting on how nice I smelled, so I thought, “hmmmmm, why not offer it to others?” So Skin Candy was born!
My lotions and butters actually work! AND I can make them in smells that the big guys would never dream of! Ohhhh my- if you are a foodie, like me, be prepared for heaven. I also liked the idea of my customers being able to mix & match all of my fragrance oils and make their own smell goodies.

Dear husband just rolls his eyes at me every time an order comes in and I rush off to make it because now he says; “hobby…I said hobby…..not a second business” LOL!!!!!


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