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Crazy Forts

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 Posted by Felicia
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I am always on the lookout for toys that are more than just toys, but imagination “sparkers” if you will! Anything that can capture a child’s mind and really make them think is a great investment to me.

Crazy Forts was created by an extremely creative dad who wanted a versatile toy that would, “be a cave today, a pirate ship tomorrow, and a castle the next!”. Well, he hit it right on the money when he invented Crazy Forts! Even with a two year old they are a hit! Here’s the gist of what it is all about. There are 44 sticks that interlock with 25 balls to create whatever your mind can come up with. If you are struggling, never fear! There are blue prints for downloading on the Crazy Forts website that are extremely easy to follow. The only other thing you need is a bed sheet or two! Super easy and fun!

Graham’s is currently in the igloo shape. He calls it “Graham’s house” and it is occupying his hundreds of hot wheels, tractors, and trucks at the moment. He honestly plays in there about 90% of the time he is playing with his cars. He also loves to lay underneath and watch Max and Ruby in the morning. We were also sent the Crazy Forts Lights that attach directly to the balls. There are two in a pack and they make it fun when it is dark! They are easy enough to operate that a two year old can do it.

You can purchase Crazy Forts for about $44.95 from Barnes and Noble or a retalier near you. It really is worth the money when you think about how many different things Crazy Forts can make! So far, it is standing up to Graham’s wear and tear pretty well. He did bend one of the bars by trying to ride his ride on toy underneath at a high speed!


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